Saturday, April 4

Second piece to the set

Last year I wrote a post about "a little green box" which was all about a gorgeous Tiffany & Co. necklace that I got for my 18th birthday. I thought that would be all the Tiffany I would own until maybe my 21st, another big birthday but I was wrong. 

On Christmas when I came home this was one of the last presents I opened, and again to my surprise another little green box! This time it was a beautiful bracelet in the same style as the necklace. I love that their both the same and can either be worn together or separately. I feel these items of jewelry really put together an outfit, and they can really dress up a really boring look. Not to mention they make me feel so classy and well presented. 

I haven't really worn the bracelet as much as the necklace, just because with it being winter and wearing long sleeves and coats, it would be unnoticeable so I'm keeping it for a Spring/ Summer piece instead. I'm sure in my upcoming OOTD's you'll be able to see the necklace on so keep an eye out for this stunning bracelet! 

Paige, x
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