Sunday, May 31

A treat from MAC

Last month I completed my first year at University (or so I hope!!) so I convinced myself this would be a good reason for me to treat myself to some new make up goodies.

I've been lusting after the Face and Body foundation for so long and after Sarah -blog here- told me about the Findation website where you can find your shade without actually having to go into a shop, I decided to purchase it. After browsing on Pinterest I made a spur of the moment decision to get the ever famous Paint Pot in Painterly. I love cream eye shadows but as most of mine are a foil finish I wanted something that dried matte. I also wanted a sort of skin colour shade but slightly more white/ cream if that makes any sense. 

As I've mentioned before my skin is so dry and nothing ever seems to make it any better. Matte foundations aren't for me and after constantly hearing good things about this Face and Body foundation I finally decided to treat myself and pick it up. I got this in the shade C3 and its perfect, its a bit on the tan side which is great as it provides some warmth to my complexion but its not too dark that it doesn't match my body. 

This foundation is so dewy and glowy and it makes my skin look better than any foundation ever has done. Its extremely runny which is why its always best to shake before use. It blends so well into the skin and as you can see from the swatch its very light coverage, I personally prefer two layers however I mainly apply the second layer to areas were I feel I need more coverage such as my cheeks and forehead. All that's left to say is that I absolutely love this foundation and can see myself repurchasing it again and again.

As this product was a spur of the moment purchase I was very excited for this to arrive, after looking at swatches I was mentally creating eye looks in my head that I could soon recreate. When it came it looked absolutely gorgeous however when I swatched it it appeared quite orange/ brown and I was so disappointed. Although saying this it wasn't the actual product that I didn't like, just the colour. It was so creamy and blendable and when it dried matte it was a soft finish and wasn't dry and didn't crack.

I thought I would try to make this work somehow and to my surprise when I applied it on my eyes it came out completely different to when I swatched it. It was the exact colour I was hoping for and I felt so relieved. I used a Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush and placed it all over my lid and blended. The first thing I noticed was how easily it applied, as its cream it just glided over my skin and hardly took any time to blend. I used MAC's Mulch in my crease and my eye make up was complete. I felt like this was such a gorgeous, put together look and it seemed like I had took so much time and thought into doing it when it only took me 2 minutes! 

Paige, x


Tuesday, May 26

Cheap Treat Tuesday

Being totally obsessed with my powder highlighters I really wanted to branch out and try some cream/ stick ones! After just browsing on eBay I came across these, an unbranded one and then and Elf one! Elf is a brand I've never tried so I was so excited for this to come!

I'm not really fussy on what colour highlighter I use so I got one in gold and then another in a pink/ champagne colour. They're both absolutely gorgeous and so creamy and blendable. I literally take the stick and 'draw' on my face starting from my cheek below the outer corner of my eye and go in circular motions up to my temples. I then dab and blend all the product it and it creates the most prettiest glow. I put a little bit down my nose and on my cupids bow and my face suddenly lit up, especially seeing as though everything I was wearing was matte. 

Considering these were both eBay finds, the Sugar box face being £2 and the Elf one being £3 I cannot fault these at all! People are very quick to think that cheap online make up will be rubbish but I can assure you most of it isn't! Some things I even prefer to brands such as MAC and Urban Decay.

The Elf highlighter also smells like sweets which is such a bonus!

Paige, x


Monday, May 25

Graphic palm print shorts - Wishlist

Its not very often that I write about fashion - even though that's my blog title, but when I came across these absolutely stunning shorts I knew I had to blog about them! 

White Top; Primark £9
Shorts: Topshop £32
Black Top; Primark £10

I came across these shorts while looking for some summer pieces to add to my wardrobe and I'm really into minimalistic basic items at the minute and I know these are the opposite but I thought the print on them was incredible. They're really tailored and sleek looking which I what I love about them, especially with the crazy pattern. 

You could style this either with black or white or even tan! They can also be dressed up with heels and a clutch or flats and a over the shoulder strap bag. They are a little pricey at £32 but for the top half, footwear and a bag you can get perfect simple pieces at the likes of Primark for very little!  

Hopefully they'll have these in my nearest store and that they'll look how they do online! 

Paige, x 


Sunday, May 24

Younique 3D Fibre Lash Mascara - Review

Younique is a brand that I've always been wanting to try and for a while was actually considering becoming a presenter. If you don't know what Younique is its a cosmetics company, similar to Avon that's not sold in shops but via Younique Presenters. Its mostly famous for its 3D fibre lash mascara that's completely different to anything other that you have tried. You only have to Google this to see the amazing results.

I'm so lucky that I was actually given this mascara from Maria (instagram here) who was so lovely and sweet for doing this. In return I thought I would let all my viewers and followers know what I thought about this product and if it was worth buying it. The mascara is £23 and you can buy it from her. This mascara is nothing like I've used before in the sense that they're is a transplant gel and also the fibre lashes. 

Firstly I love the fact that it comes in this little case, to me this presents Younique as a very caring company as they have put this much effort into the presentation. It also put me at ease knowing as it was coming from over seas that the actual product wouldn't get damaged. Inside there's a little information leaflet that's actually really handy to have a quick read! (I actually did this wrong the first time I used it so I would recommend reading it!) 

For the mascara at first I liked it but I personally felt like it looked like any other mascara, fibres or no fibres. It created a thick, full looking effect that wasn't spidery at all. However the more I used it I actually began to realise that the fibres would sort of flake away and smudge under my eye and then create those panda eyes! This wasn't a good look and I continuously had to wipe my face- taking my concealer off too. For me its a love/ hate relationship, if I'm wearing it for a short amount of time then I'm fine but it doesn't make too much of a difference to my lashes sadly. I really wish I loved this but personally for me I don't think its worth the money. 

Paige, x


Tuesday, May 12

Cheap Treat Tuesday - W7 Chubby Contour stick

When I was given a gift card for Boots for my birthday I instantly knew what I wanted - the Clinique Chubby Contour stick. After nearly a month of waiting for it to come back in stock I found this W7 version on eBay. As it was only £2.95 my original thought was that I could buy them both and compare them however I absolutely love this so I thought I may as well keep the gift card and find something else to buy! 

I've never tried anything from the W7 line before but I'd heard a lot about their primers and eye shadows and when I seen this I thought there couldn't possibly be any downfalls about this product. 

Its's pretty much exactly the same as the Clinique version although this ones more matte and not as creamy but I have no complaints about that. Contour is really in at the moment and I think its here to stay so I like to try my hand at a few different ways of doing it. This way however is the easiest and most effective, I literally just draw on my face and then buff in with my Expert face brush. 

I thought this might give a bit of a muddy look especially as its matte but it doesn't! It makes my skin look so glowy and my structure look so defined! I really recommend this product and cant wait to try more from their range! 

Paige, x


Sunday, May 10

Anastasia Beverly Hills - Cream Contour Kit

Anastasia Beverly Hills is a brand I absolutely adore.. but only own one product of. Until now! I'm more into cream products rather than powder, especially when it comes to contour so when this was first released I knew I just had to have it! 

With my skin being dry I thought this would work wonders, I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. Just last week I got an email from Cult Beauty letting me know this was now available through their website to buy in the UK. Just like I did with Velvet Teddy I clicked the email and bought this straight away. I thought it would sell out quite quickly so I snapped it up as fast as I could. 

This came today (6/05) and I took my pictures before I tested it and couldn't wait to do the write up! When I did swatch this it wasn't as creamy as I perhaps thought however I've had a few products like it where it just takes a few uses to get them really creamy and nice to use. 

When I looked at the colours, if I'm honest I didn't have a clue what half of them were for but I thought that I would try using a few how I thought first and then do a bit of research! Firstly I used Cream as a concealer, Banana as a highlighter and then Cinnamon as my contour. I found these colours worked best but if I'm having a pale day I would probably have to use Nude and Cinnamon mixed together. When I done my whole face I did notice a huge differences and I can now offically say this kit is amazing and one you need to have in your collection if you love contouring as much as I do. Prepare to see this in many more posts! 

Paige, x

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