Monday, April 20

Anastasia Beverly Hills - Dipbrow Pomade

Anastasia Beverley Hills is a brand that every girls wants in their collection and now and behold I have my first ABH product! I really really want the cream contour kit but sadly being in the UK its not as easily available. I've really been struggling with my brows recently and they were really uneven when applying product so I thought I'd try something new and go for the Dipbrow Pomade.

I've previously always used Benefits Brow-zings however I feel like I've grown out of it and its making my eyebrows look a little gingery where they first start which is an odd look! I'd seen a few reviews on this so after looking into it some more I picked my shade and it was on its way! I ordered it from Cult Beauty at £15 and it didn't take long to arrive. 

The product itself is just gorgeous, look at the packaging for a start, I love the rose gold detailing and the ABH logo! Dipbrow Pomade is basically just a tinted wax, a very very pigmented wax! I got this in the shade dark brown as I feel with my hair colour being dark this would suit me the post. The colour is very cool toned and makes my brows look more on the black side but I actually really like it! It doesn't give a "sharpie pen" look or anything. With the product being so pigmented light handed strokes are definitely suggested! I use a Real Techniques brush for this, one that came in the eye set just because its the perfect shape and size to quickly fill in your eyebrows! 

This is super easy to use and hardly takes any time to apply, it doesnt use much product to fill in your brows either which means this will last you for such a long time! I feel like this is a game changer in the eyebrow world and that nothing can compare or make my brows look this good! Another great thing is this stays all day, doesnt budge and is waterproof! I really cant express my love for this product enough! 

Paige, x
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