Sunday, April 5

120 Eyeshadow palette - brights

You're all probably getting very sick of talking about these palettes every 5 minutes but I just cant help myself. This palette is the same as my other one but instead of being in 'neutrals' this is filled with extremely pigmented bright colours!

It's something I've never really owned before and I really wanted to start experimenting, especially with pinks and greens. I didn't want to pay high street prices for something I may never end up liking so I went with the alternative.. eBay!! This way you get 120 eyeshadow colours that you can try and even if you dont use half of them its not as if you've spent £20+ on them. This was £4.99 from the link here and you can see bellow the variety of different shades you get. They're all super pigmented as always and I cant wait to get stuck into this. 

It also does come with some light and toned down colours which you can also try and then build yourself up to using the rest of the colours if you'r a bit weary at first. 

Keep your eyes peeled for some upcoming looks using this palette!

Paige, x

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