Tuesday, June 30

Cheap Treat Tuesday - Contour Brush

I've had this brush a while but new at some point I had to show you all it! When the NARS Kabuki Ita brush become ever so popular I went on the hunt for a contour brush that was actually in my price range!

I found this for £1 on eBay and thought I would give it a go. It's nothing special but it does the job perfectly and is ever so soft! The fact that its quite compact means that it creates a subtle contour line but just enough. Its great that its in the shape of a 'line' too so that it does all the work for you. 

I think this brush would be great for a beginner too as it just makes contouring that bit easier. Obviously you can use it for not only your cheekbones but wherever else you would contour however I personally don't as I want more of a flexible brush so I'm not getting that harsh line!

Paige, x


Monday, June 29

My Everyday Make up

I thought I would share with you all an updated my every day make up, some things have changed since last time but as you can see I still absolutely adore my Naked Flushed palette and the Fit Me foundation!

Primers + Base: 

Ever since I purchased both these items I literally cannot put them down. I use my MAC fix plus for everything; I spray my face first before using the primer, after to set it all, to wet brushes and beauty blenders and for eyeshadow to create a foiled finish. I don't think I could live without this now. As for the primer, I've never really been into the ones that are like a gel and 'blur' everything out. I really hate the Porefessional and the Smashbox one but this is amazing and it really does blur everything out! This makes my make up look so flawless, I'll definitely be buying this again. 


No matter how many foundations I have in my collection I will always refer back to these two. If you have dry skin I really recommend both of these, they give such a flawless finish. The Wake Me Up on is a little dark for me and with the glitter I use this to literally wake me up and give my complexion more colour and glow. If I'm having a good skin day then I'll use the Fit Me foundation- its honestly so flawless that's all I can say!


When I did a review on the Lash Sensational Mascara I really hated it however now the tables have turned and I love it! I feel like I had to try differently to make this work for me but now I have I doubt I'll find any other mascara like it. I recently purchased Rollerlash and I hate that, there's no comparison between the two so after I've finished that up I'm just going to always use this one. Why fix something that's not broken, right? For eye liner this is something again that I will always refer back too; its black, sturdy and gives me everything I want from a liner. 

Blush and Bronzer:

This Naked Flushed palette is a dream to use; it contains bronzer, blush and highlight all in one so I feel like this is so handy and especially if your travelling which I usually am! The bronzer in this palette is my favourite one I've ever tried, its just the right colour with not too much orange in it! The blush is absolutely stunning as well and with this a little goes a long way!

Eyebrows and Highlight:

Like the MAC Fix + the Anastasia Dipbrow is a product I think I will always use. It makes my brows look amazing and unlike any other product ever has. This really does make your brows defined and precise. For highlight this MAC Soft and Gentle does the trick, I'm really loving the gold highlight at the minute rather than silver or champagne. I feel like this will last forever too as you only need to use a little.


This is easy; Brave from MAC. It's the perfect every day lip colour and is like your lips but better. This is my most used and favourite lipstick ever!!

Paige, x


Sunday, June 28

Sleek blush by 3 - Lace

Sleek is a brand that isn't stocked in my local Boots or Superdrug so its not something that I'm all to familar with. There are so many products I want to try yet don't want to purchase online, however when I went to the Metro Centre I couldn't help but find a sleek stand and buy something!

I chose a blush by 3 and as I had enough Boots points to buy this, it was technically free (or so I like to tell myself!). After swatching a few I decided on the lace palette. I don't have many orange or coral blushes in my collection so I thought that this would be perfect.

The colours are so pigmented and each blush is just so different to anything I've seen before; except the middle shade as this is pretty much identical to Orgasm from NARS! I do find these blushes a little chalky so I like to use a damp brush - usually a stippling brush - to lightly apply these to my cheeks. With the middle shade as its got that infamous rose gold shimmer this is a blush and highlight in one as wearing a highlight on top would just look too much. I think these blush palettes are so handy and inexpensive, especially as you're getting 3 great quality unique shades. The only thing that annoys me is how dirty the packaging gets, whatever those white marks are will not come off!

Paige, x


Tuesday, June 23

Cheap Treat Tuesday - Essence Haul

Essence is a brand that I've never really heard much from however after doing some digging I popped into Wilkinson's to see what they were all about. 

They have such a wide selection of products- mostly dupes and all for such little prices. The things I wanted to pick up weren't there but I did purchase 3 items. As soon as I seen the bronzing powder I just had to have it, its beautiful! With the brow gel I knew this was a dupe hence the reason for the purchase. The lip liner was bought on a whim and I wish I had chosen a different colour, its such a lovely lip liner however I'm not sure how often I'm going to wear it. 

Make Me Brow:

This is a dupe for Benefit's Gimme Brow so I really wanted to try it out as I think its quite fascinating! This has the fibres in although it doesn't actually say on the front. Honestly, I'm quite let down with this, it does absolutely nothing. It also sort of hurts too when trying to run it through your brows to get the fibres off as you have to press quite hard. If this is anything like the Benefit one I certainly wouldn't purchase it. 

2in1 Bronzing Powder: 

When I seen this I knew I had to have it. I was originally going to use it on my cheek bone area and for it to be the only product I would use as I was thinking of the 'simple' make up look. When I got this home and swatched it its actually more of a blush which I wasn't too bothered about. Its still just as gorgeous so I use this on my apples of my cheeks and then go in with a bronzer underneath where I would usually contour. This would be a product I would seriously recommend! 

Lip Liner:

This is in the shade 15 Honey Berry and its such a pretty colour. The liner itself is pencil and is extremely creamy. It doesn't drag across the lips or anything which is a bonus. I really do like this lip liner I just wish that I had picked up a more every day colour. I cant wait to do a bold statement lip using this though!

Paige, x


Monday, June 22

Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow

Yesterday while at my closest outlet store I picked up something that I never knew I would lust after so much. Poppy (MeMyMouse1) mentioned this in a video and when I came across this and swatched it I fell in love. Initially I decided not to get it but after about an hour I knew I had to pick it up on the way out. 

It's in the shade Camel and is exactly the colour you would imagine. Its matte and just gorgeous. This is one of those things where you just cant describe how good it actually is unless you see for yourself! Its very sheer but buildable and blends like a dream, I cant wait to wear this! 

I paid just under £10 for this so in my eyes, bargain!

Paige, x


Sunday, June 21

MAC Fix +

MAC Fix + is something I've wanted for such a long time and it seems to be in everyone's make up bag so of course I wanted to have it, I mean obviously! 

If you know me dewy skin is my thing, anything matte and I hate it. My skin is dry and I'm prone to eczema so this being the main reason I wanted this product. I'm also usually out for long periods of time so I needed something to ensure that my make up would be set in place all day. 

Firstly I want to start this review by saying that you get so much product for your money, I've been using it daily; before my make up application and then after and as you can see only the tiniest bit has been used. Hence why I think this is so worth it for the money! Oh and they now do Coconut and other flavours so go check them out!! 

As I said before, I use this before my foundation to help prime my skin. As well as this I spray it again when my make up routine is complete- this being the final step to make sure everything is locked in and wont budge!

There's so many other ways to use this product though- you can wet your beauty blender or even your brushes. If you see the swatches below I dry swatched and then wet swatched the same eye shadow and you can see the amazing difference! By using MAC Fix + to wet the brush it creates this gorgeous metallic foil finish effect that's so vibrant and changes the shadow completely. 

Paige, x

Tuesday, June 16

Cheap Treat Tuesday

I absolutely love eye shadow and especially single pan ones however when looking on the MAC website and seeing how extortionate the prices are for the palettes I decided to turn elsewhere to see if I could find anything cheaper. I came across this empty palette on eBay for only £1.78!

As you can see the MAC shadows fit in fine, they slide about a little but nothing major. The quality of the palette is basic but it does the job and saved me a lot of money. The 15 space palette if you bought it from MAC would be £15 and then you even need to buy the inserts to keep the shadows in. 

I think this is great, it does the job and keeps all my eye shadow pans in a neat and organised space! You could even write on the underneath of the palette what all the shades are, just a handy tip!

And don't worry if you want to know what shadows I have there will be a post all about that in the up and coming weeks. 

Paige, x
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