Tuesday, July 28

Cheap Treat Tuesday

After searching for the perfect peach eye shadow for what seams to be forever I have finally found the one! I came across this on some random website I stumbled on on about the 10th page on Google. After searching and searching and looking at all different swatches I decided that this was definitely what I'd been looking for. I managed to pick this up for only £2 which was such a bargain. 

I know this is from Benefit but I'm not sure if this was from a discontinued line or what not but you will still be able to find this somewhere on the internet- it just takes patience! 

This is a matte eye shadow but it feels like a satin and its super creamy! The reason I lustred after a peach eye shadow was because the likes of Jaclyn Hill and MannyMua who use colours like this all the time, especially to start the look off or in their crease. What I like about this is that it's in the middle of being sheer but also pigmented, which I do really like as I wouldn't want to go in too heavy handed. I like how this colour isn't more of a salmon colour or more pink toned- it's a true peach I find. 

I'd never tried an eye shadow from Benefit but now I have I definitely think I'll try some more! 

Paige, x


Sunday, July 26

Real Techniques Haul

I've been really getting more into general face products recently and after purchasing a few new powders, blushers and highlighters I needed some brushes to go along with them! I was going to get some Zoeva ones but in the end I just decided to stick with Real Techniques!

I picked up the powder brush and two blush brushes. 

Powder Brush:
This brush is huge and great for powder as I feel like it can cover the whole face in just a few seconds. I've been using this for bronzing and even contouring too and it creates such a flawless finish as it distributes product so evenly and creates such a flawless look. I love how soft this brush is, I almost didn't want to stop applying product because it felt that nice on my face. I've washed this a few times now and had no sign of shredding so I'm genuinely happy about that! 

Blush Brush:
I got two of these brushes- one for blush and then for highlighter. For highlighter this is my favourite brush I've ever used as a quick swipe across the top of my cheeks gives the most prettiest glow that isn't too much nor too little. Again like the Powder brush it's incredibly soft and so gentle on the face. I like this as it doesn't pick up too much product so you can build your look up- instead of applying way to much product and then trying to tone it down! It blends well too so if you do go in a little heavy handed don't worry! This also hasn't shed yet either.

I would recommend both of these brushes as they're so soft and give the most airbrushed, flawless finish! 

Paige, x


Tuesday, July 21

Cheap Treat Tuesday!

While on the hunt for some new make up to try I came across a bunch of Urban Decay Cream shadows, they don't actually sell these any more but never the less I desperately wanted to try them!

There were a few colours that looked gorgeous but I only wanted to get one for now- in case I didn't like the formula or what not. I picked the shade 'Rehab' but 'Mushroom' looked pretty similar to it. 

It arrived within 2 days which I was incredibly pleased with and came in all its original packaging. It has a doffer applicator which dispenses just the right amount of product as the consistency is a little thick with it being a cream. The colour itself is a cool tone brown which has sort of a silver sheen to it in the light. If you pair this with one of the Urban Decay Primer Potions its like a match made in heaven. I've been wearing this combo with just a bit of mascara and it makes my eyes pop. It's such a versatile shade that can be worn day or night. The shadow also sets very quickly and doesn't crease at all, even without primer. 

I spread this on my lids with the applicator and then blend it out with my fingers as it gives much more of a natural, not harsh look. I picked this up off eBay for £3.

Paige, x 


Sunday, July 19

eBay brushes!

Before I bought the real techniques eye brush set I didn't really own many brushes for eye make up, I would usually just have some random cheap ones that I've managed to somehow own. As the Real Techniques brush set only came with two of the type of brushes I wanted, I looked into getting some more. I came across these on eBay for around £4, yes I realise I should of put them in a Cheap Treat Tuesday! 

The set comes with five brushes that are all slightly different. They are soooo super soft too and get the job done perfectly! With them being so cheap I wasn't expecting much but just like the face brushes I bought –post here- they are brilliant! I actually prefer them over the real techniques ones!

 These brushes haven’t shown any signs of shredding or anything like that and are great for anyone to add to their collection or for beginners too! There’s a brush for everything in this set from packing on shadow, blending or for the crease.

I did pick the ‘rose gold’ colour however they are more gold but it doesn't really bother me, I'm just happy I've got really good quality brushes without paying Zoeva, Real Techniques or MAC prices! 

Paige, x


Tuesday, July 14

Cheap Treat Tuesday - Gerard Cosmetics Lipstick

Gerard Cosmetics is a company that I've never tried anything from before even though I constantly stalk their instagram page. I love their entire collection and think that it has some gorgeous products that I can't wait to try. 

The reason this is a cheap treat is because I actually picked this up for only £8 including free worldwide postage using the Jaclyn Hill discount code! This shade was actually created by her and was supposed to be a 'Kylie Jenner colour'. I don't agree with this and think its way more brown than what Kylie usually wears but I love it all the same. 

Firstly the finish is matte and I wouldn't usually get anything other than satin but I really, really like this. I don't think its drying on the lips or anything like that and it lasts a fairly long time. As for the colour it's a sort of red/brown shade and is nothing like I currently own and it has no smell which I like! The packaging is gorgeous too- I really love this bullet style for lipsticks and it matches my MAC ones!

As it was being sent from abroad I expected this to take ages however I only waited around 3 days which is amazing! It did come in a padded envelope so I think they could maybe look at other ways to package their items but it got to me in one piece so I cant complain! Overall I think this is a gorgeous lipstick and I can't wait to get a few more bits! 

Paige, x


Monday, July 13

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

After trying a few 'Beauty Blenders' and them not doing too much I thought I would bite the bullet and purchase this Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. The reason I say bite the bullet is because I personally feel the £5.99 price tag is a little over priced for a sponge.. even though the original Beauty Blender is £16 which I certainly would not pay! 

This sponge claims to create a flawless base and produce high definition results which I really do think it does! I usually apply my foundation with a flat top kabuki or stippling brush and then buff it all into my skin however when I use this (damp) I can clearly see more of a flawless airbrushed finish. I do feel like this soaks up some of my product but not too much. 

I especially love the flat side of the sponge, I found this was perfect for concealer and even setting it with powder. The flat edge teamed with the tip means to can really get to every part of your face such as round your eyes and nose. This means that it also creates a better more precise finish around those areas as a brush cant really produce that effect in small spaces. 

Paige, x

Sunday, July 12

June Favourties

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Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation:

This has always been one of my favourites and will always continue to be however I've been using this non stop recently. It makes me look so awake and gives that dewyness to my skin that I ever so desperately need. 

MAC Fix +:

This has been helping me keep my make up in place all day which is so essential now its hay fever season and I'm constantly rubbing around my nose and eyes. I've noticed such a huge difference. 

Simple Eye Roll-on:

As it is hay fever season this has been helping me even more- when my eyes are irritated and puffy I like to use this to cool them down a bit. I love the fact that its so cold too, its like a dream to apply, especially in the morning!

Essence Sun Club Bronzing Powder:

A new recent purchase that I never knew I would like so much. Its cheap and is such a pretty shimmery blush. It reminds me a lot of orgasm from NARS.

MAC Brave:

My most favourite lipsticks every, I wear this literally every single day. It complements any sort of make up and is just so easy to wear. 

Paige, x

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Tuesday, July 7

Cheap Treat Tuesday

When looking through my make up collection powder is something that is seriously lacking; I have the odd powder bronzer but no actual powder for all over the face.  As you all know I love the dewy look however sometimes I do over do it a little- i.e. getting too happy with MAC Strobe Cream!

I was originally just going to pick up a Rimmel one however I came across this palette and thought why not, it surely cant be that bad! I got this for just under £5 which is such a bargain especially as it comes with six different shades!

I like this because it has the really pale shades all the way up to bronzing and contouring colours. So far I'm really loving this palette. I use the white to set my under eye concealer, the two middle shades for all over my face and the warm shades for bronzing. I love going in with an over sized powder brush and just giving my face some colour! For the price I didn't expect much especially in terms of pigmentation- but as usual I was wrong. A light hand really takes the product far and seeing as the pans are huge this is going to last me so long! 

I think this is a great palette for beginners, people who don't usually wear powder or just anyone in general! I personally don't think its worth paying well over double the price of this for the likes of an Anastasia one as this is honestly amazing!

Paige, x

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