Sunday, March 29

How I get silky smooth legs!

I wasn't too sure whether I should post this or not but every girl wants smooth legs and if I can share a few tips and tricks then who wouldn't want to read this post?

These are my holy grail products for the nicest legs ever believe me! With this combination you'll have smooth glowy legs that you wont worry at all about getting them out when it turns to Summer. 

Elle Macpherson, fresh & smooth body scrub: This is again another product which does exactly what it says, it removes all dead skin and preps your legs ready to be shaved. This is the best scrub I've ever used and I use it all over my body; its not harsh on the skin but works extremely well. Colour is another thing I love about this; its not brown like the usual body scrub but a gorgeous silvery white colour. It doesn't smell of anything either which in my eyes is perfectly fine. 

Gillette razor: This is just a cheapish one but the thing I love most about using this is that the head is infused in baby oil, giving that smooth glide over your skin, also giving a touch of moisture.

Pure coconut oil: If you have never used coconut oil what are you doing?? This can be used for almost everything.. and I mean everything. Give this a Google and you'll find amazing solutions to the problems you've been trying to fight. This whitens teeth, is good for your skin, hair and you can even eat it. If your getting some coconut oil make sure its pure or it wont do half as many amazing things and you can pick this up for really cheap online! This was around £4 and I've had it for months! Its a hard waxy consistency however when it contacts your skin it turns into a gorgeous oil. I rub this all over my legs after shaving as it acts better than a moisturiser. 

Paige, x
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