Friday, August 1

A little green box..

Okay so I think everyone knows what a little green box means.. TIFFANY & CO.

On my 18th birthday after already opening some little presents I started to get ready to go for a meal with my family at a local Italian restaurant. At the end of the night I got my cake.. although it wasn't the triple chocolate giant cupcake my mam made me. It was a Tiffany box cake, I was so confused until I turned around and in front of me was a little green box all tied up with ribbon. I was so surprised I didn't even want to open it because I knew how overwhelmed I would be. 

Finally after opening it I just fell in love, this really means something and will be a special piece of jewelry I will treasure forever. Its a small pendant on a short chain and sits roughly in the middle of your collar bones. I think its perfect and will be forever greatful for this amazing gift. 

So here it is!

Paige x


Sunday, July 27

Dress link brushes!

Yes again another brush post! I'm still yet to do any outfit look books or anything but they're coming!

 So my MAC eBay brushes are shredding ridiculous amounts and although I've had them 2 years they just aren't working with me anymore. I had originally wanted to buy the real techniques collection of brushes however they were a little pricey and I only really needed a stippling brush- everything else I could work with for the time being. However then I came across the Chinese wholesale site Dress Link. Everything on there is so cheap and affordable and they not only sell beauty accessories but clothes, shoes and even lingerie.

Just look how amazing the quality of these brushes are! They are so dense and extremely soft and they're like heaven compared to my last set of brushes. The set comes with 5 brushes, all kabuki/ stippling style but each tapered and shaped slightly different. I cant wait to get using these and show you all the looks I create. I highly recommend Dress Link, especially for beauty supplies!

Paige x

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