Monday, April 27

MAC lipstick haul!

After my birthday I thought I would treat myself and buy some new make up that I wouldn't usually buy myself, MAC lipsticks! I had my eye on two for a while and thought I would spread my wings and buy two that were a little more different so I could try something new!

Brave, Faux, Pure Zen and Flamingo are the ones I bought. Anything like the colour Twig is my absolute favourite colour of lipstick so I knew Brave and Faux would be so perfect for me and they are! Pure Zen is something I'd Googled a couple of times but not had my heart set on and basically I just decided to buy it on a whim. Its a nude colour so not something that's very out there but with it being quite pale its not something I'd usually wear either. Then Flamingo, wow is all I can say. I seen one swatch of this and then I was sold, its so different and I knew I had to have it! 

Brave and Faux are satin finishes, Pure Zen is a cremesheen and Flamingo is a lusture. I've only ever tried the matte and satin finishes so I was excited to try a new formulation! I will be doing more detailed posts on these so you can see them in more detail!

This is my entire, up to date lipstick collection and as you can see they're all pretty much similar colours but I love them so much! 

Pink Plaid, Twig, Brave, Faux, Pure Zen, Velvet Teddy and Flamingo

I know this swatch isnt the best but like I said more detailed posts will be up soon! 

Pure Zen, Twig (for comparison), Brave, Faux and Flamingo at the top.

Paige, x

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