Tuesday, April 21

Cheap Treat Tuesday!

Something a little different for a middle of the week treat to yourself! 

Is it just me or is anyone else really into white plates and bowls etc? They're so fancy looking and when I came across this I couldn't wait to tell you all about it. So I picked up two of these cute heart shaped dishes in would you believe it Pound land! Obviously only being £1 I thought I'd pick up two as it wasn't exactly going to break the bank. I initially got for my mam to put some nibbles in when she has people round but they can be used for anything and we now own quite a few!

I've currently got one in my room filled with jewellery which I think looks so minimalistic yet really cool too. Personally I think any blogger would love this as it looks so pretty in your bedroom either by the side of your bed or on your dressing table. The possibilities are endless, anything can be stored in them; make up, food, sunglasses, hair accessories or even your whole Muji draw full of samples- yes Sarah I'm talking about you! 

Also if you look below you'll see an interesting little box marked 'Lucy Addison Jewellery' and I'm really excited to show you all what's inside, she makes gorgeous handmade pieces so watch this space for an up and coming blog post all about that! 

Paige, x
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