Saturday, April 11

MAC lipstick - Twig

Creating a wishlist on the MAC website really isn't great for my bank balance but I cant help it, I think I have a MAC obsession!

Recently when I went on holiday I was praying that there was going to be a MAC counter in the airport and luckily there was. My eyes literally lit up when I seen those three initials. I knew what I wanted as soon as I went over, there were three lipsticks on my list and I could tell which ones they were just by looking at the lipstick stand- too much time looking at swatches online! The reason I was so glad to be at a MAC counter was because I live in a town deprived of all the best make up and have to travel at least an hour to get to a huge department store therefore I'm always relying on other girls swatches on Google and Pinterest. 

I either wanted Twig, Brave or Faux but decided to only get one and wait until my birthday to get the other two. As soon as I swatched Twig on my own hand I knew I definitely wanted it, its such a gorgeous muted pink/brown/nude shade, which is my favourite type of shades for lipsticks. It was a satin finish, which I had never tried. I've got two MAC matte lipsticks and I really don't like them, they're so drying so when I tried this I fell in love. I know now that I will always 100% stick to satin formulas instead of mattes and I cant wait to purchase some more. 

If you scroll down you'll see you post where I talked about a Smashbox lipstick in the colour Primrose, this is very similar to that yet has more of a plum/ brown colour within. This makes your teeth look so white too which is of course always a bonus! It goes with anything as well as its quite nude, I'm just so in love with this lipstick!

Paige, x
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