Tuesday, December 29

2015 CTT Roundup!

This year has been incredibly amazing, not only did I start this blog but I also came up with the term Cheap Treat Tuesday where I would let you know some cool beauty finds for little money. 

Here are my favourites:

I can't wait to see what 2016 brings in terms of cheap make up products that we can all afford to love!

Paige, x

Monday, December 28

NARS Duo Eyshadow Bellissimo

This is my first NARS Duo and where better to start than the shade Bellissima. This comes with two beautiful neutral shades which are perfect for every day wear or can be darkened to transition into a night time look. 

What I like about this combination is that its just so easy to wear. You could take this with you traveling and will be able to guarantee it will go with any outfit and lip combination. Its super bendable and also doesn't have any fallout which is great.

The white shade is quite creamy and milk bottle like with chunks of glitter running throughout. The glitter is just the right amount as it shows up yet isn't obvious at the same time. I find that the pigmentation is perfect too and only takes 2 layers. 

The darker colour is a matte greyish brown which is a shade every girl needs! Its amazingly pigmented and blends so easily. The two shades go really well together and create such a gorgeous put together with no effort look. 

If your new to make up or just want to get your moneys worth out of a product with high wearability this is the one for you, you really can't go wrong! 

I can't wait to try more of these Duo's so expect lots more blog posts!

Paige, x

Sunday, December 27

Too Faced Soul Mates Blush and Bronzer

As I shown this in Fridays video I thought I would do a blog post dedicated solely to it. Im so fascinated by the brand Too Faced and I can't wait to try more from them! 

Ever since this came in my Cohorted Beauty Box I haven't been able to put it down. Its such a gorgeous product and is so easy to wear. This is in the shade "Carrie and Big".

On them days where I need some warmth and colour to my complexion this is so perfect for that. I take the bronzer on my Real Techniques blusher brush and sweep in a 'three' motion. It adds just the right amount of colour and the shade is just right too. Its not too muddy nor orange either yet it has the perfect glowyness about it.

As for the blush this is such a pretty coral colour, something which I don't really own. Its quite pigmented yet still sheer at the same time which is the best type of blush as it doesn't apply to harshly at first. You can use the blush and bronzer together or separately depending on what look your going for. I like to use it separately as I find it looks so stunning just to add a bit of colour to your glowy tanned skin.

The packaging is too die for aswell, the heart shape is so cute and completely different to anything I own. I like the fact that its black which makes it sleek looking at the same time. The amount of product you get is very generous and the mirror is huge which is a bonus.

Paige, x

Tuesday, December 22

Cheap Treat Tuesday // NYX High Voltage Lipstick

NYX is another brand which I really should try more of. After watching Shaaanxo's lip swatch video about these NYX high voltage lipsticks they looked so amazing I couldn't wait to get my hands on them. 

I originally purchased 2; Stone and Flutter Kiss from Boots.com however they messed up my order yet again and I only ended up getting Flutter Kiss. After getting over the original disappointment I'm so impressed with the shade Flutter Kiss.

This lipstick is nothing like I've ever tried before, its so creamy yet doesn't wear off as easy as other lipsticks do. Its so incredibly pigmented too so one quick glide across your lips and your ready to go. This lipstick is also very moisturising and hides all those annoying cracks or lines in your lips. It also appears very light to wear and almost like you forget your wearing it.

As for the packaging I initially really liked it, it was sleek yet with its clear top you could easily see what shade you were grabbing. However the lid always seems to fall off which constantly makes me nervous to put it in my makeup bag. When actually putting the lid back on the lipstick actually manages to spread all over the inside of the lid which isn't great! 

In the tube the shade is quite a mauvey pinky brown colour however when on my lips it has more of a bubble gum pink undertone. In some lights it looks mauve, some bubble gum pink and then sometimes even purple. This is something I would of never opted to go for if I had known it would look like this on my lips but after trying it I love it! I get so many compliments on this lipstick every time I wear it. 

Paige, x

Monday, December 21

Make Up Geek Eyeshadows // First Impressions + Review

I think everyone has heard of Make Up Geek shadows and we can now get them in the UK! I obviously made an order straight away and then after testing them out I quickly made another order- thats how good they are!

I wasn't sure how many to get so I decided to get 2 of the small z palettes and have 4 shadows in each. In the black z palette I have more of a brown and gold smokey eye look. These shades are (L-R): Frappe, Americano, Homecoming and Peach Smoothie.

Frappe: A gorgeous matte soft brown, perfect for the crease or transition colour. 

Americano: Another matte, but this is a very dark chocolate shade.

Homecoming: This is described as a medium brown with gold shimmer. 

Peach Smoothie: Another matte shade, this is a lovely soft peach which is perfect for the first colour you use.

In my second z palette I went for more of a rose gold themed eye look. The shades are (L-R): Cupcake, Shimma Shimma, Cinderella and Sensuous. 

Cupcake: A soft pink with a hint of brown, a matte shade perfect for transitioning. 

Shimma Shimma: A metallic shimmery champagne silver. Perfect for highlighting the inner corner and brow bone or all over the lid.

Cinderella: A rose gold shimmer, this looks amazing on the lid!

Sensuous: This is a shimmery purple with flecks of silver with brown undertones.

I would recommend these time and time again. The pigmentation and colour payoff is just incredible, their so buttery and easy to blend. I much prefer these over MAC and Urban Decay shadows!

Paige, x

Sunday, December 20

Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation // Review

I always feel like I need to have at least 1 high end foundation on the go at any one time and after my favourite YSL one is sadly coming to an end I decided to pick up this one up from Benefit.

I've tried it before from mini samples and I really liked it so I purchased it when Debenhams were having 10% off.

This is the Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation - which is such a mouthful! 

I picked up the shade "Im so money - Honey" but I could of easily of got the lighter shade up if needed be! I must say I think this is such a gorgeous foundation and is impeccably easy to wear. It's definitely more of a day to day foundation but that doesn't mean it can't be worn at night.

The foundation consistency is very light weight and gives you medium coverage. The finish is dewy but not greasy looking. This lasts on me at least 8 hours which is ideal as thats generally the amount of time I'm out of the house for. 

I have dry skin but get oily on my nose throughout the day so I find that the foundation is a little 'shiny' on my nose therefore I just set it with some powder but as for the rest of my face its perfect. I love that dewy and luminous effect! If you have oily skin I wouldn't really recommend this however you could always set it with a powder and it would be fine! 

I love the typical benefit packaging and how different yet girly it is. I do like sleek NARS and MAC packaging but I think my favourite will always be the benefit packaging, its so unique and interesting! What I love about the bottle is that when you pump the product theres something at the bottom that pushes the foundation up- not only is this great for seeing how much you have left but it also lets you reach it all and for none to be wasted along the sides. 

This retails at £26.50

Paige, x


Friday, December 18

Cohorted December Beauty Box!

Watch to find out what I got in my first ever beauty box. This includes some amazing bits and pieces and I really recommend Cohorted! 

Paige, x

Saturday, December 12

EX1 Foundation First Impression!

I recently purchased the infamous EX1 Foundation so I thought I would try it out on camera and let you know what I thought! Give this video a thumbs up for more first impressions! 

Paige, x

Tuesday, December 8

Cheap Treat Tuesday // Freedom Make Up

Freedom make up is brand that I'm quite aware with, especially as I do these Cheap Treat Tuesday posts. They're a budget beauty brand - a lot like Make Up Revolution - who are well known for their incredible product dupes!

After hearing about this and that they sold a Brow Duo Powder very similar to the Anastasia Beverly Hills one I decided this would be my gateway into trying not only something I've had my eye on for a while but also a new brand. I ordered it in Dark Brown however they sent out a Brow Pomade by accident, which I didn't complain about as they kindly sent me a Brow Duo out too. Luckily for me the Pomade was in Dark Brown so I essentially got 2 products for the price of 1!

Duo Powder

This retails at £4 and comes with two brow powder shades, a darker one for the front of your brow and a lighter shade for the middle section and the tail - although I do that the other way around. This is available in 10 shades so theres something out there for everyone! I love this as its just something different to a gel like consistency which I usually use. It's very easy to work with and doesn't feel as thick as the Pomade. Its also great for a "no makeup makeup day". 


This retails for £5 and is absolutely identical to the ABH version. A thick gel like consistency leaves this staying on all day. I personally feel like with this a brow gel isn't necessary as this is seemingly bulletproof. If your into the whole sleek, HD brows sort of look then this is definitely for you! I would definitely buy this and have a mess around with it before you spend an extra £10 on something exactly the same. This comes in 11 shades to suit all skin tones and hair colours. 

Paige, x 


Sunday, December 6

No7 Pore Purifier // Review

I recently picked up some bits from No7 but I love this product so much it had to have its own dedicated post! 

This is the No7 Pore Purifier and its basically just a blackhead treatment! This retails for £12 and is usually on the 3 for 2 offer.


I absolutely love the idea of this. I've tried strips and scrubs in the past but I've never seen anything like this. The tube has a twistable applicator that can be turned on or off to release product. This just makes things a lot easier and less messy as it only needs rinsing off when done.


So this is actually a cleanser specifically targeted to deeply cleanse out those horrible blackheads and to purify your pores as the name suggests. This exfoliates with the applicator and just unclogs your pores on your nose, forehead and chin. This dissolves all those nastys and lifts them out of the pore. What I especially love about this is that it tightens pores and removes excess oils- hurray! 

I've noticed such a huge difference after I've been using it and would 100% recommend this!

Paige, x

Friday, December 4

Products NOT Worth The Hype!


I recently did a video on products that ARE worth the hype so I thought I would do the opposite and show you what isn't worth it! Save your pennies and take on board some of my recommendations- baring in mind these are my own personal opinions and preferences!

Paige, x

Tuesday, December 1

Cheap Treat Tuesday // Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

With so much hype about this products its about time I put it on a Cheap Treat Tuesday blog post! 

In all honestly I've never really even been bothered about this concealer, I didn't believe all the fuss over it so I simply never tried it. I have to say though that in all my local Boots and Superdrug stores all the testers have been dried up and messy so I wouldn't of been able to give them a good swatch anyway!

However I finally found a tester that actually had some product in it, I tried it and then I fell in love. Its honestly amazing! Why have I never picked this up?! 

I purchased this in the shade light which is number 1 and is incredibly hard to get hold of. Its so white and brightening, perfect for when I really need to give them dark circles a helping hand. I also love how this has a wand and not a brush like the 2 other concealers I always use (LA girl pro conceal & MAC Prep+Prime highlighting pen). 

Its also incredibly creamy and easy to blend, creating that natural glowy look that you know I'm all about! I set this with a powder and taadaa no creasing! The first concealer that doesn't crease on me!! Touch wood! 

I really suggest picking this up and at only £4.19 it doesn't break the bank.

Paige, x
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