Saturday, April 25

Beauty by Benefit

 I'm a huge lover of Benefit make up, it was my first ever high end beauty brand that I first tried and also fell in love with. There's not much from the Benefit range that I don't have or haven't used before! However I thought these three deserved a blog post all on their own as their my most loved and used so I hope you like them just as much!

I would list these three as "the Benefit beams" but Benetint isn't actually a beam so I'm stuck on a savvy title to call the trio! I feel like sometimes these products lack the attention they deserve as they are a staple in any make up kit. If you go past a counter I really recommend you have a little peak at these and test them out, you'll be amazed!

Sun beam: A golden shimmer, perfect to bronze up the skin. This is the perfect highlighter, especially in the summer. If you dab this along your cheekbones this will honestly make you look like some sort of bronzed goddess. You can also put this under your foundation to give that glowy iridescence to your complexion.


Benetint: The first one that was released is in fact a lip and cheek stain. This is such a beautiful berry pink/ red colour and is buildable! You can create really intense and dramatic looks or on the opposing end of the scale- something really delicate and pretty looking. The great thing about this is that the brush is soft, imagine the pain rubbing a hard stick onto your cheeks and lips.. ouch! Its just like a big nail varnish really!

High beam; Pretty similar to Sun beam however a light pink shimmery colour. This again is also the perfect highlighter, you may have seen this mentioned in my top 5 favourite highlighters post where this was one of my favourites. I feel like this is suitable for anytime of year, it looks so pretty in spring though! I really suggest this for your brow bone, it works like nothing other!

Paige, x

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