Monday, February 29

Freedom Concealer kit

I've really been getting into concealer lately and trying lots of different ones. If your a makeup junkie like me you will have seen the MAC concealer kits but at that price I couldn't justify it- this is when I came across the Freedom version. 

With me I'd always rather try the 'dupe' first as its cheaper and will give me an indication of what the more expensive product is like and if I would even get along using it. 

This Freedom Makeup concealer kit was only £5 and I picked up the shade Light. It comes with 6 shades, all of which I think could work for my skin tone. Not only do the shades conceal but they also correct as there is a green toned yellow and also pinky salmon shades.

What I like most about this palette is that the shades are so creamy; I've honestly not felt anything creamier. They're also really pigmented for how creamy they are. 

This palette is great for on the go too as its so light and compact- it doesn't have a mirror though which I don't think is that big of a deal.

Paige, x

Sunday, February 28

Sleek Barekissed Illuminator

In my latest GRWM video I used the Sleek Barekissed Illuminator in Monacco and I love it that much I thought I would do a whole blog post dedicated to it. 

The whole liquid illuminating products always remind me of MAC strobe cream but for the price I wanted to find some cheaper alternatives. The first one other than MAC that I tried was the NYX version; this comes in a coppery gold shade and is just okay. Its a bit hard to blend into the skin and I'm not too keen on the colour. I then tried the Loreal Lumi Magique one and this again is just okay. I felt like I was using so much product and that you couldn't even notice it on my skin.


After seeing Rosi's video (link here) I decided to give it a go and my god I love it! Theres 4 shades to choose from - and of course I want them all. The shade Monaco is sort of a champagne shade with a hint of pink throughout. What I like most about this is how much product you get; this is like the size of a foundation and for the price its such a bargain!

I also feel like this actually does something and shows up on the skin, which you can see in my video. The product is of course glittery but you don't look at your face and look like a glitter ball, its very subtle. You can either use this under your foundation like I do or even mix it in.

Paige, x

Friday, February 26

GRWM // Warm Eye & Nude Lip

I thought I would film a GRWM to show you some of the new products I picked up in my Makeup Revolution Haul. Like I said this wasn't the intended look but I like how it turned out! This is my everyday face with a few added touches to make it a little more glam as I was going to a family meal.

Paige, x

Tuesday, February 23

NARS Creamy Concealer DUPE

NARS is a brand that is so ridiculously expensive so when I noticed a dupe for the infamous creamy concealer I had to let you all know! 

There are obviously slight differences but overall I think this is a pretty good dupe and one that is far more inexpensive. The NARS concealer retails roughly at £22 whereas the Maybelline concealer is just £5.99. 

So looking at them side by side you can sort of tell what Maybelline has tried to do, everything from the actual tube to the handle is extremely similar. With NARS being of a higher price tag you would certainly expect that they wouldn't be similar hence the signature rubbery material on the handle and glossy packaging. 

You can also tell which one is drugstore as the NARS concealer is very simple and neat looking whereas the Maybelline concealer has all of the product information and ingredients printed on the side. While looking at this information I noticed that you actually get more product in the Maybelline concealer as you get 6.8ml compared to only 6 from NARS.

The thing that made me realise they were dupes was actually the applicators; as you can see they are virtually identical but the NARS doe foot applicator being a little longer. 

I also noticed that with the NARS concealer a lot of product got smudged all along the wand whereas it doesn't so much with the Maybelline one. I know this is only a little detail but if your paying £22 for a concealer and half its product you can't get too then this isn't great. 

Here are swatches off the too- ignore the shades as they look far too orange on my hand but I promise they apply on the face the right colour!

I've got the NARS concealer in the shade Custard (I need vanilla next time) and the lightest shade for the Maybelline concealer. As you can see the colour of these two put together are so similar its amazing! You can see the difference in texture here as the NARS one is a lot thicker and dries very quickly. Because of this I find myself reaching for my Maybelline one more as it not only is more hydrating under the eyes but doesn't set before you can blend it in.

In terms of coverage they are exactly the same; Ive even tried using them both one on each eye to see if I could notice a different and I couldn't. 

Overall I wouldn't repurchase the NARS concealer after finding this little dupe. Theres many drugstore concealers that are brilliant and now after trying a few I definitely don't think that the NARS creamy concealer is anything special. However in terms of the Maybelline concealer I will be repurchasing this!! Its just so creamy, lightweight and not drying under the eyes and for the price tag I couldn't recommend this enough! 

If you're thinking about trying the NARS one I would definitely pick this Maybelline dupe up first! 

Paige, x


Monday, February 22

Bourjois City Radiance Foundation

If you've been keeping up to date with my recent videos on my YouTube channel (click to watch) you will know how obsessed I am with drugstore products at the minute and especially foundations! 

I realised that I don't even know half of the products that drugstore brands even have so I thought I would check them out. I realised how amazing their foundations were and after owning one from pretty much every brand apart from Bourjois I decided to pick this one up!

This is the newest foundation; the City Radiance foundation thats light coverage and protects the skin from anti pollution and sun damage. 

The packaging is something I'm not very used too as I only have foundations in a bottle however I was very intrigued. I somehow thought that this packaging allowed for less product but I was wrong as it still contains the average amount for a foundation.

The price of this foundation is £9.99 which I do think is a little steep considering the lack of coverage. 

I do really like this foundation, especially for day to day wear. Its light, gives a fresh look to the skin and is light coverage. I do think this is probably best applied with a stippling brush as I tried to use it with a flat top kabuki and a beauty blender and it just didn't work! 

Paige, x


Sunday, February 21

Freedom Brush Bath

Seeing as my latest video was a Makeup Revolution Haul (watch here) I decided to stick to another drugstore themed product for this post! Just like Makeup Revolution I absolutely love the brand Freedom- I'm not too sure whether these are sister companies or not but they're both equally amazing.

I picked up this Brush Bath from their pro studio range so keep reading to find out my thoughts!

Im going to be honest and let you all know that I never wash my brushes.. like never. I know its disgusting and I should do it more so hopefully with this I can! You'll be able to see from the pictures below how well this really works and for the affordable price of only £7! I like the idea that its something different in terms of being a solid as I think its easier to use than a liquid and you can get way more use out of it!

I've literally just washed my brushes so I could give a full in depth review and I can say this is like magic! This is so unbelievably easy so if you don't have time to wash your brushes or are just lazy like me then this is perfect for you!

I just wet my brush and swirl it round in the cleaner- this way it gets most of the product off. I then swirl it round on the palm of my hand and then turn the water on. I still swirl it round but at this point the product is pretty much all out so I then concentrate of squeezing the remainder of the soap out.

This also smells lovely too, it has that really fresh and clean smell which I'm all for! I like the fact that on the packaging this also says its sanitising.

Overall I think this is amazing and you can see how dirty the soap is after all my brushes have been cleaned; don't worry though just run it under the tap and all the messy gunk will be gone. This worked that well and was so quick to do I definitely will be cleaning my brushes more often!

Paige, x

Friday, February 19


I'm getting so much more into drugstore make up brands recently so what better way to start than with Makeup Revolution?! All of these products are insane and I can't wait to use them in future videos.

Paige, x


Saturday, February 13

Current Favourites!

I thought I would share with you my current and recent favourites! These are all the products I've been loving and honestly recommend to you all! 

Paige, x 

Friday, February 5

eBay Finds - Brushes!!

I absolutely love brushes such as Real Techniques, Morphe and Zoeva but sometimes they really do come out more expensive than makeup and thats a price I'm not prepared to pay! Here I show you all the brushes I've ever picked up from eBay and some of them are really amazing! 

Paige, x


Monday, February 1

The Balm Highlighter palette

The Balm is a company thats well know for its highlighters - especially the Mary-Lou Manizer. I loved mine so much but it sadly shattered; I will at some point fix it with rubbing alcohol but in the meantime I picked this up! I got this on Feel Unique and it had 10% off!

I had seen Kathleen Lights talk about this but I didn't expect that it would be available in the UK. 

This palette is really great if your new to makeup, highlighters or The Balm in general! Its also a great way to try out products you never would of used otherwise- like Cindy and Betty. 

I did pick this up mainly for Mary-Lou but I've actually been obsessed with Cindy-Lou. For those of you who watch my YouTube videos for christmas I got the MAC mineralise blush in Warm Soul but I'm a little bit disappointed that its not very pigmented. I tried this as a blush topper and it creates this stunning shimmery rose effect. It makes me look so glowy and gives a really girly and feminine feel and looks exactly like the MAC blush! 

On days when I don't wear that I religiously wear Cindy-Lou on the tops of my cheeks, brow bone and inner corner for that infamous highlighted look. 

The only shade I'm yet to try is Betty-Lou. I think this will look amazing over the top of bronzer or on holiday to give that golden goddess look! 

I really love this palette and would definitely recommend it! Even if you have Cindy-Lou this is so easy to take traveling as its small, compact and gives you 3 different shades. These could also be teamed up and used as eyeshadows! 

Paige, x

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