Tuesday, April 12

Benefit / Dandelion Shy Beam

Being the true YouTube junkie that I am after seeing so many tutorials using a mini Benefit Shy Beam I was so excited to hear they were releasing it full size. I was however a little disappointed when it arrived as it was an off pink colour when I thought it would be more on the white side however nevertheless I've come to love it! 

This is my 4th liquid beam/ tint product to add to my collection and although I don't use the ones in my collection very much anymore I still really do like them and think their amazing products. These sort of tints and beams are perfect for the spring/ summer time so I can't wait to break them all out again. 

Anyway, this is Shy Beam, one of Benefit's latest launches. Its a matte baby pink liquid highlighter. This is something that I've never came across before but the packaging alone sold me on it! Just look how gorgeous it is! This is Benefit down to a T, the cute sort of metal pink container embossed with dandelions and studded detail - so cute! 

This like any other Benefit tint or beam comes with a sort of nail polish applicator. Its a brush so you can delicately place this onto your face to create a really subtle but buildable effect. I like this more than a cream because its more precise and you use less product and I also like it more than a stick like the What's Up Highlighter as its not as intense and chalky looking. 

The actual product is a thin to medium consistency and is almost a light salmon pink shade. You can use this over the top of concealer to brighten the under eye area or to place it around the tops of the cheek bones, cupids bow and brow bone. With this being matte its perfect because your not struggling with the 'too much glitter' problem. 

I also find that when I layer this up when I'm not using concealer it doesn't sink into any fine lines, look cakey or patchy. I think this looks best blended in with either your fingertips of a beauty sponge because I find that with a brush it sort of slides the product around and creates brush lines. 

Overall I can't wait to start using this more now its getting a bit warmer!

Paige, x


Monday, April 11

B. Radiant BB Under Eye Concealer

You all know I love a good old highlighting concealer and this my friends my just be one of my favourites. This is the B. Radiant BB Under Eye Concealer.. what a mouthful! B. is a brand that can only be found in Superdrug and I was quite interested to see the types of product they sold. Granted most of them are slightly on the pricier drugstore stand this was not. 

Its also great to take note that this brand is cruelty free, vegan and also paraben free too.

I picked this concealer up while it was on offer and I'm sure it wasn't anymore than £5. The reason I initially grabbed this at first is because it really reminded me of the MAC Prep + Prime pen which I've sadly lost (cry!). 

The brush type applicator is something I quite like, although it isn't that sanitary, as you can clearly see. I do find that I use a lot of product with this type of applicator but I like it better than a hard wand. 

The concealer is very light in consistency which is great as I feel like it doesn't feel too heavy on the skin. The coverage is really good too and as it has them brightening properties it really does hide them bags. My favourite way of blending this out is actually with my finger like I've done below. As you can see it really is glowy and really healthy looking which is exactly what I look for in a concealer. 

This is in the shade light which is kind of yellow tones however I feel like this counteracts my dark circles perfectly. 

I really can't wait to try more from the range; what are your favourite B. products?

Paige, x


Sunday, April 10

Soap & Glory / One Heck Of A Blot Primer

As soon as this was released I was at that weird skin changing moment where I went from being really dry to suddenly really oily. This was on an introductory offer and honestly that was the only reason I picked it up. However now I literally can't live without this, especially on my more oilier days. 

This was the second S&G makeup product that I'd ever picked up so I was quite interested to see if any of the other products were any good. This comes with 30ml of product and comes in a squeeze tube which I like better than a pump. I love the packaging how its a matte off pink colour with typical girly S&G touches. 

So this product claims that it has a 12 hour shine block and also shrinks pores. I'm not so sure about 12 hours, maybe more like 5 but its nothing that a quick powder touch up can't fix. I do however agree with the pore shrinking technology; I don't really have huge pores but the pores that are most visible either side of my nose really do get hidden and filled in. 

I only use this generally in my T-Zone so I can't say whether or not this keeps your makeup on for longer however somethings telling me that it won't as thats not what its specifically used for. 

The texture of this is really nice too, its sort of like a creamy gel consistency. Theres nothing more I hate than those silicone based primers so this is really lovely. You also get so much and a little goes a long way so if you suffer with oily skin I'd definitely suggest picking this up! 

Paige, x 


Saturday, April 9


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Wednesday, April 6

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor

If you follow brands on social media you know how annoying it is when they release a product in the US and not in the UK. I had seen these floating around Instagram and I wanted to try them out so bad! I'd even looked on eBay but I couldn't really find anything - or for cheap anyway! But then a countdown appeared when these were going to be coming to the UK and I was literally so excited I ordered from online as soon as they hit Superdrug just incase I missed them!

I picked up the colour Seduction which is a gorgeous pink toned nude, perfect for everyday wear. I believe this was the most nude shade out of the collection with a relatively bright pink being the next shade up. I thought I would get this one as I would never wear anything too pink or bright. 

I love the packaging on this, its so different to any liquid lipstick I've seen and its not usually my sort of thing but I really do like it! I love the rounded tube with silver lid, typical drugstore! And don't you think it just screams American? Do you know what I mean? With the touch of frosted packaging this also makes it look that tad more expensive too!

The applicator for this lipstick is just stunning, its just such the perfect shape! Its flat enough to carve out the lips and fill them in yet pointy enough to get to that cupids bow. I think I like this more than the NYX and Jeffree Starr applicators just because theres something more too it. I like the thickness of this too because it feels a lot sturdier and like its less likely to accidently slip all around your lips. 

I really love the colour of this, its similar yet different to anything I own. Its a lovely nudey pink that looks soft and girly enough for everyday but also glam enough for nighttime too. The consistency of this is thin but not as thin as the NYX lingerie liquid lipsticks. With the formula for this I would say this is the best liquid lipstick formula I've come across. It applies like a gloss (as you can see from the swatches below) however then dries to a creamy matte formula. Its not drying like most as I feel like it sits just on top of the lips and doesn't stick to them. 

The last thing I just have to mention is the smell! This smells so sweet and cake like that I sometimes just apply it because I like to smell it! 

Paige, x


Tuesday, April 5

Too Faced / Born This Way Foundation

If any of you have been with me for a while either on here or my YouTube channel then you will all know that Too Faced is probably one of my favourite brands! When this foundation was released on Debenhams I had to get my hands on it however the only problem was choosing a colour!

This foundation I had seen quite hyped about as some of the things it was supposed to do sounded right up my street! It firstly claimed that it was oil free which is great because even though I want that dewy look I don't always want the extra oil- especially on my nose! This is also supposed to hydrate the skin through the use of Coconut Water and brighten with Alpine Rose. It says its a medium coverage but buildable which I agree with 100%!

Packaging: Firstly just look at how stunning this looks. Frosted glass bottles to me just scream luxury and that I'm all for! I love the black with the gold too, it just looks so expensive but also really classy and feminine at the same time. The top of the lid is also embossed with the TF logo and the underside of the bottle has the shade colour and all relative information. This also comes with a pump too which is just a godsend, I find that usually products that don't have a pump I end up using way too much product so this way your only using what you need. 

Price: So this foundation retails for £29 on the Debenhams website which is actually cheaper than the TF website which is £1 more and then with shipping on top. This comes in 11 shades (Debenhams) and I picked mine up in the shade Natural Beige. This is a little dark for me but I can just about get away with it! Click + Collect is also available on this item too!

Product: I can quite easily say that this foundation.. is my all time favourite! It is honestly the most softest, natural looking radiant foundation that I've ever tried. I like to use 2 pumps and just squirt them onto the back of my hand and then I go in with my Real Techniques Complexion Sponge. This way I find that the foundation looks more like skin and looks a lot softer and natural. I sometimes build up the coverage around my red areas and it never appears patchy or cakey. The odd few times that I have used a brush I haven't really liked it but that just means that I only use this foundation on special occasions because I never really have the time otherwise. 

This tends to last all day and looks AMAZING in pictures! I usually wear this on nights out and its just the perfect foundation to wear. I tend to wear a mattifying primer underneath and I feel like that makes the foundation have more of a velvety demi matte finish. The primers I like to use with this are the Nivea Aftershave Balm or the Soap & Glory One Heck Of A Blot. 

Overall I couldn't recommend this foundation enough and when I eventually run out of it there will be no doubt ill be repurchasing. 

Paige, x

Sunday, April 3

Makeup Revolution / Ultra Contour Palette

Contour is still all the rage right now so I thought I would try this palette from MUR to try out a variety of their products. I ordered this from their website and it was £8 (although I can now only find this on Superdrug!) 

What I like most about this palette is the fact it has everything you need all in one place! You can set your concealer. bronze up, contour and then highlight all out of one product. This makes it especially handy for traveling and with its slim packaging it barely takes up any space!

Talking about packaging this has the typical Makeup Revolution black, sleek compact with huge full size mirror. This is great for a budget brand as usually most products tend to come in ugly and bulky packaging! 

I was really pleasantly surprised by this palette - not to say I'd heard bad things because I've actually heard nothing but great things about this and that apparently its an ABH contour kit dupe! 

All of the shades are insanely pigmented and almost creamy in texture. They glide onto the skin so effortlessly and no matter if I'm wearing a matte or dewy foundation they never apply patchy or streaky. 

The top row consists mainly of setting powders and a highlighter. 

The first shade is a matte almost colourless setting powder that I usually use all over my face. I then use the matte banana shade for under my eyes and then sometimes I'll go in with the third shade which actually has a little bit of shimmer running throughout. You can use this as a highlighter if the other two are too out of your comfort zones of in specific places such as under your eyes. The final shade is a stark white shimmer highlighter; for me this is very out there but I think with a light hand this will look perfect lightly swept onto the brow bone or inner corner. 

The bottom row has 3 contour/ sculpting powders and then a highlighter.

The first and third powder I use for bronzing as their more warm toned than the middle shade. They're both matte and apply so flawlessly. I then go in with the middle shade to contour the hollows of my cheekbones and my temples. I sometimes run this down my nose and it never looks too ashy which is great! Finally in this palette we have the star of the show- the highlighter. This is so similar to MAC's soft and gentle but has less of the chunky glitter which I actually prefer!

Overall this is my favourite Contour/ Highlight palette that I've ever tried! If you want to see this in action don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel for an upcoming Get Ready With Me!

Paige, x


Friday, April 1

Essence Foundation - First Impressions

After hearing lots of people talk about this budget foundation I thought I would pick it up and give you my first impressions! Overall I absolutely love this and it has quickly became one of my favourites. 

Paige, x
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