Sunday, March 29

How I get silky smooth legs!

I wasn't too sure whether I should post this or not but every girl wants smooth legs and if I can share a few tips and tricks then who wouldn't want to read this post?

These are my holy grail products for the nicest legs ever believe me! With this combination you'll have smooth glowy legs that you wont worry at all about getting them out when it turns to Summer. 

Elle Macpherson, fresh & smooth body scrub: This is again another product which does exactly what it says, it removes all dead skin and preps your legs ready to be shaved. This is the best scrub I've ever used and I use it all over my body; its not harsh on the skin but works extremely well. Colour is another thing I love about this; its not brown like the usual body scrub but a gorgeous silvery white colour. It doesn't smell of anything either which in my eyes is perfectly fine. 

Gillette razor: This is just a cheapish one but the thing I love most about using this is that the head is infused in baby oil, giving that smooth glide over your skin, also giving a touch of moisture.

Pure coconut oil: If you have never used coconut oil what are you doing?? This can be used for almost everything.. and I mean everything. Give this a Google and you'll find amazing solutions to the problems you've been trying to fight. This whitens teeth, is good for your skin, hair and you can even eat it. If your getting some coconut oil make sure its pure or it wont do half as many amazing things and you can pick this up for really cheap online! This was around £4 and I've had it for months! Its a hard waxy consistency however when it contacts your skin it turns into a gorgeous oil. I rub this all over my legs after shaving as it acts better than a moisturiser. 

Paige, x

Saturday, March 28

Where I store my makeup brushes.. HELP!

 For this post I've cleared my background and minimilised my makeup brushes for you all to see it clearly. 

This is how I store and keep my makeup brushes.. a candle holder! I'm aware that this isn't the prettiest thing and I am looking for a better alternative but I only want something that I'm sure about, as serious as that sounds! I like my friend Sarah's idea of a pretty glass jar but I can never seem to find one, you can check out her blog here where she posts about every from beauty and fashion to lifestyle and she too has an instagram for her blog!

The brushes here are from MAC and the eyelash curler, which I never use is a trusty little one from Primark. If anyone spots a nice jar or makeup brush holder then do let me know! My ideal brush holder is them lovely little white plant pots from Ikea, seen here but unfortunately they cant be delivered and I don't live anywhere near the store. 

Paige, x

Sunday, March 22

MUA Luxe velvet lip lacquer

MUA is a brand I will always love, amazing products for very cheap prices. I was routing through the masses of products and came across this, a velvet lip lacquer in the shade Atomic. 

This is described as a "bright berry" colour however its a very deep red, as you can see from the swatch bellow. This dries matte and to me.. is pretty much a liquid lipstick. Living in the UK I've never tried the liquid lipsticks from Anastasia Beverly Hills but I can imagine them to be something similar. So for that reason I got this as a dupe, just to see how I got along with it before I purchase the real thing. 

I only own one red lipstick (that being an MUA one) so I thought I would widen my horizon and try this, At the time there wasn't many colours too choose from so I'm glad I picked this. Its extremely pigmented and lasts for ages, even eating and drinking wont remove this! I must say you need to use a lip liner first just to make your lips even otherwise this lip lacquer shows every imperfection. 

With this being only £3 its a great way to try either red lips in general or this specific formula. It looks great paired with a plain face and winged eyeliner to give that vintage type of look or even a smokey eye. 

Paige, x

Saturday, March 21

How I store my lipsticks

I'm so into makeup storage and organisation (as you can see my Muji draws in every post!) and my lipsticks were taking up too much space in my acrylic draws. I've been searching for a lipstick holder for a while but I wasn't prepared to pay the silly prices people were asking for. I then found this. 

Another eBay beauty bargain!

This little acrylic lipstick holder has 24 spaces for you to put all your lip products in, more than enough room. I don't even have close to 24 lipsticks as you can see below but this gives me the room to expand my collection. I have my eye on some MAC lipsticks and they will look extra pretty with two I already own. 

This beauty was only £2.57 from the link here - an easy way to not only see your makeup clearly but to organise it and to then decide what else you want of course! 

Paige, x

Friday, March 20

Skincare haul and review!

As I've probably mentioned before by skin is an absolute nightmare! I suffer from really dry, eczema prone skin that never ever seems to go away. What I'd do have have oily skin ey!

I thought I'd purchase a few new skincare bits and pieces and try them out and let you know what I thought. All of the products are from No7 and the only reason these were the ones I purchased was purely because I worked in Boots.

Pore Vacuum Mask:

You know how much girls love to use nose pore strips? This is 10x more fun to use and worse 10x better too. What I love about this is it really does its purpose, it even removes the blackheads you didnt even know you had. The texture is like a thick khaki green paste that you apply and then leave the recommended time- or until its dried and is hard enough to rip off. Which is always the best part, to actually feel and then see a product work! Although I really wouldn't advise using this over your whole face but just in your T-zone. With this a little goes a long way so its totally worth the £14.00 price tag (50 ml).  

 This mask is purely made for dry to very dry skin so I was literately singing with joy when this caught my eye. This is £12.50 and you do get a very reasonable amount (100ml) although No7 do usually have these all on 3 for 2 and on Boots at the minute you can save £5 if you spend over £20. This is to be washed off after you've had it on for about 10 minutes and leaves your skin feeling so soft and hydrated, just what those dry skin girls need! I also have sensitive skin and this doesnt irritate it at all.

This is my first hot cloth cleanser I've tried and I was so excited to try this out, this was kindly given to me as a leaving present from my friend so "Thank you Michelle!!". This cleanser is for all skin types, is £9.95 for 200ml and comes with the cloth. This makes my skin feel so bright and just so pure, I feel like I couldn't go the day without wearing makeup if I use this, that's how good it is! As this opens the pores and clears everything away it really makes me feel like I'm at the spa! 

I really recommend these 3 products and if you have skin like me then they'll most likely work great on you too. 

Paige, x 


Sunday, March 15

How I clean my brushes!

Cleaning my brushes is not something I do very often I must admit- but after hearing about this little thing I think it might just make things that little bit quicker and easier so I thought I would share it all with you! 

I cant remember who I heard this from but credit to whoever it was! I picked this up from Primark for £1.50 (as you can see, haha) and its the best £1.50 I've ever spent. Not only can this be used as a facial cleansing pad- what its intended for but also to clean your brushes.

All I do is stick it to the sink as it has a little suction pad and put some shampoo or whatevers handy on it and swirl my brushes around. Its as easy as that. The bristles are firm enough to work their magic but soft enough not to ruin your brushes or be too rough on your face. I will at some point use this on my face so I'll be sure to let you guys know how I get on!

Paige, x

Saturday, March 14

My MAC palette!

I know I don't usually post on a Saturday but I really couldn't not write about this beauty! 

These are my first lot of MAC eyeshadows that I've ever owned so I'm really excited to share these with you! I was going to get the large pro palette with 15 inserts but I didn't know how long it would take me to purchase some more eyeshadows, or if I didn't like them then I didn't want to waste a big palette (and money!) so I thought it would be best to first of all just get a quad. 

The shades; All That Glitters, Mulch, Satin Taupe and Naked Lunch.

All that glitters is a gorgeous gold colour, very shimmery and pretty- great for the girly girl inside us all!

Much is an every day matte brown, not a dull brown but a vibrate sort of cork like colour!

Satin Taupe really reminds me of Aubersheen from the Soap and Glory palette I mentioned. Its a little sheer but very buildable and that little shimmer in it really makes the whole eye pop.

Don't get me wrong Naked Lunch is a gorgeous glittery champagne colour however is a little on the not very pigmented side!

Overall I'm so happy with the colours I've chosen, they're pretty basic shades but can create a few varied looks. The pigmentation is amazing in all the eyeshadows, except Naked Lunch, which I was slightly disappointed in. I tend to use this colour to highlight the inner corner of my eyes and on my brow bone. 

My favourite combination has to be All That Glitters and Mulch, they're so gorgeous together and teamed with some Super cat eyeliner and thick black lashes it all ties perfectly! I'm super excited to grow my MAC eyeshadow collection now I've tested and tried a few but I think I'm just going to make my eyeshadow purposes in-store; just so I can see the colours properly without having to rely on Google images of swatches!

What are your favourite MAC eyeshadows I should try next?

Paige, x


Tuesday, March 10

Cheat treat Tuesday!

Another one in the series, this one a bit similar to the blush palette.. but an eyeshadow palette! 

120 super pigmented gorgeous matte and shimmer eyeshadows for £4.99 here

I know I've said it before but you really can't go wrong with these sorts of palettes, if your thinking they wont be good quality or pigmented then your very wrong! I find some of them are actually too pigmented, especially the purple toned colours, and sometimes I look very black eye-esque!

There's so many looks you can create and not one colour is the same as another, again this is something I would highly recommend. Even as a present for a makeup beginner I think this is perfect. You can also get different variations of this such as a whole neon/brights palette or one with more darker colours. If you search it on eBay you can find some very reasonable bargains! 

 2nd sheet of eyeshadow:

Paige, x

Monday, March 9

Empties ● The primer edition

Seen as though I've never done an empties post before I thought I would kick it off with a few primers I've used up recently!

(The Happy Light primer doesn't look empty but I promise it is- its just stuck to the side!)

I've been really getting into primers recently so it really didn't take me long to use these up. The Urban Decay primer potion is always a repurchase, I just find that nothing can compete with its staying power or the way it makes my eye shadow look. If you haven't tried it there's a travel size sample you can get -see my post here- and they also do it in all the shades of the primer potion (gold etc). 

The Bourjois happy light primer is the best general face primer I've ever tried- just putting it out there! It does absolute wonders to my foundation and just makes it look so smooth and flawless. Its well worth the price and if you get this in a 3 for 2 or something that's when it would make most sense! I also feel this just brightens my whole complexion up and really helps with my dry patches!

Finally is the Porefessional by Benefit, something everybody loves.. except me. With me having dry skin this looks absolutely awful on me and just exaggerates all the areas I want to hide. I really hate the formula aswell, the waxy thick cream really makes me feel like I'm putting more cakeyness onto my skin before my foundation. 

I'm also now trying out MAC strobe cream so I'll let you know how I get on with that!

Paige, x

Sunday, March 8

Current favourite perfume!

If there's any sort of girly floral perfume out there then I probably will of owned it as I'm such a sucker for anything feminine smelling!

When I left work I was kindly given a hamper full of all things any girl can dream of; makeup, hair products, chocolate and these two gorgeous perfumes! I've never even smelt these two fragrances before and now I just know they'll always be in my favourites.

The 212 limited edition summer fragrance is absolutely gorgeous, I mean look at the bottle! Its a summer fragrance, very fresh smelling and floral. If you like floral then you will love this! I've noticed it stays all day and I never really noticed this with any perfume.

Secondly is this amazing Dior Addict Eau Fraiche, again the bottle is stunning and its a very floral scent. This one is more fresh than the 212 and lasts all day aswell however I always get that random smell of it throughout the day, reminding me just how much I love it!

What are your favourite perfumes? 

Paige, x

Sunday, March 1

Cheap treat Tuesday!

I thought I would come up with this little series every week on my blog I'll post something a little cheaper than your usual makeup purchase for a little mid week pick-me-up!

I bought this a while ago but you cant go wrong with a palette like this, especially at only £5.49 here! At only that price thats cheaper than a normal blush from the likes of Max factor or Rimmel and you have to remember your getting 28 blushes for that!

All the shades are extremely pigmented for what its worth and there's so many different colours; great for someone just starting out with makeup or even to put in your pro kit! With this you can try out so many different looks, it will work well for day to day but you could also use the brighter colours for fancy dress or Halloween! 

It wasnt the best weather when I took these photos so excuse the quality, but the colours of the blushes range from pale pinks, to illuminous pinks aswell as reds and oranges.. a look for everybody. These colours aren't chalky and apply like a dream, what are you all waiting for?!

Paige, x
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