Tuesday, April 28

Cheap treat Tuesday

For this post I really just needed an excuse to show you all a MUA haul and I'm sorry this is yet another lipstick related post but I really cant resist lip products at the minute! I thought I could make this my CTT post as all this cost me only £7 with 3 for 2.

As I'm getting more into lipsticks recently I needed some lip liners but didn't know what colours/ formulations to go for. I've tried a Collection one and a Loreal one but I think I actually prefer these MUA ones. I was expecting for £1 they would be harsh to apply but I was so wrong, they are so creamy! They're honestly a dream to apply. I thought I would get a brown, pink and more red one to suit all lips and occasions. 

Next up is lipsticks! These are my favourite lipsticks ever, they are so creamy and not drying at all- perfect for my cracked and dry lips. I picked up my all time favourite which is number 11 and its a perfect dupe for Velvet Teddy! Juicy is the second colour I picked up, I wanted to try a more orange lipstick and this is exactly what I was looking for. Again this is another dupe and this time its for Mac's Flamingo which I also recently got. I couldn't believe it when I swatched it. Lastly is Tulip, a gorgeous pink shade, something I have nothing like. I'm really excited to wear these and see how I get on with them.

Quick tip- did you know if you unscrew the bottom of the lipsticks there's actually more product! I get to this by using a lip brush. 

As I dont wear red often I thought I would pick up a new Velvet Luxe lipstick in the shade Tranquility, a gorgeous orange based nude. Nudes are extremely in at the moment so this should be perfect! 

Paige, x


Monday, April 27

MAC lipstick haul!

After my birthday I thought I would treat myself and buy some new make up that I wouldn't usually buy myself, MAC lipsticks! I had my eye on two for a while and thought I would spread my wings and buy two that were a little more different so I could try something new!

Brave, Faux, Pure Zen and Flamingo are the ones I bought. Anything like the colour Twig is my absolute favourite colour of lipstick so I knew Brave and Faux would be so perfect for me and they are! Pure Zen is something I'd Googled a couple of times but not had my heart set on and basically I just decided to buy it on a whim. Its a nude colour so not something that's very out there but with it being quite pale its not something I'd usually wear either. Then Flamingo, wow is all I can say. I seen one swatch of this and then I was sold, its so different and I knew I had to have it! 

Brave and Faux are satin finishes, Pure Zen is a cremesheen and Flamingo is a lusture. I've only ever tried the matte and satin finishes so I was excited to try a new formulation! I will be doing more detailed posts on these so you can see them in more detail!

This is my entire, up to date lipstick collection and as you can see they're all pretty much similar colours but I love them so much! 

Pink Plaid, Twig, Brave, Faux, Pure Zen, Velvet Teddy and Flamingo

I know this swatch isnt the best but like I said more detailed posts will be up soon! 

Pure Zen, Twig (for comparison), Brave, Faux and Flamingo at the top.

Paige, x


Sunday, April 26

Revlon Colourburst Lip gloss

Lip gloss is always something I've hated and just over looked, that one sticky bad experience had put me off them ever since, until now. While I was randomly routing through eBay I came across these, Revlon Colourburst Lip gloss.

Instead of seeing something and then Googling it to see one million different swatches I just bought it, I'm usually quite sceptical but in this case the only thing that crossed my mind was the excitement waiting for them to arrive and they came in only two days! They cost me £4.99 apart from Belini (Middle shade) that cost £2.69. As I ordered Belini first and fell in love with it I then ordered the other two, Strawberry and Rosepearl no matter the cost. 

The thing I love the most about these lip glosses is that they're not sticky in the slightest, they're honestly a dream to wear. They also last an incredibly long time too, even while your eating and drinking. The colour pigmentation is something I've never seen before in a lip gloss. As you can see by the swatches below they really are incredible. I like how the colours are all very different in comparion with each other, with lipsticks I like the same sort of colours however I like that these are so different. 

Paige, x

Saturday, April 25

Beauty by Benefit

 I'm a huge lover of Benefit make up, it was my first ever high end beauty brand that I first tried and also fell in love with. There's not much from the Benefit range that I don't have or haven't used before! However I thought these three deserved a blog post all on their own as their my most loved and used so I hope you like them just as much!

I would list these three as "the Benefit beams" but Benetint isn't actually a beam so I'm stuck on a savvy title to call the trio! I feel like sometimes these products lack the attention they deserve as they are a staple in any make up kit. If you go past a counter I really recommend you have a little peak at these and test them out, you'll be amazed!

Sun beam: A golden shimmer, perfect to bronze up the skin. This is the perfect highlighter, especially in the summer. If you dab this along your cheekbones this will honestly make you look like some sort of bronzed goddess. You can also put this under your foundation to give that glowy iridescence to your complexion.


Benetint: The first one that was released is in fact a lip and cheek stain. This is such a beautiful berry pink/ red colour and is buildable! You can create really intense and dramatic looks or on the opposing end of the scale- something really delicate and pretty looking. The great thing about this is that the brush is soft, imagine the pain rubbing a hard stick onto your cheeks and lips.. ouch! Its just like a big nail varnish really!

High beam; Pretty similar to Sun beam however a light pink shimmery colour. This again is also the perfect highlighter, you may have seen this mentioned in my top 5 favourite highlighters post where this was one of my favourites. I feel like this is suitable for anytime of year, it looks so pretty in spring though! I really suggest this for your brow bone, it works like nothing other!

Paige, x

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