Thursday, April 16

MAC Strobe Cream

As you all know I have very dry skin so to find a product that aims to either help it or help the look of it, I will most likely be purchasing. 

MAC Strobe Cream can be used in a variety of different ways, the most popular being under the foundation as a sort of moisturiser to illuminate the skin. This is how I use it anyway but it can also be used as a highlighter or just a general moisturiser mixed with a bit of water. One thing just to clarify is that I wouldn't use it everyday as it will clog pores, especially as its quite thick and glittery. Its perfect for the odd day when your skin just needs a bit of help to glow and to make your foundation routine look a little more flawless. 

I only use this in my T-zone and a bit on my cheeks or any dry areas. I can tell straight away my face looks more alive and awake and really does make a difference. If you have a matte foundation that's a little too matte, try mixing some of this in or underneath and it will make you have a whole new look. Every girl with dry or even dull looking skin needs this in their make up bag! Its quite a lot of product you get too so this justify's MAC prices as it will last you ages. You can get this Strobe cream in a smaller size too or also in a liquid form. 

Dont forget if you want a flawless, healthy looking face its not just your foundation but the steps you take before and after. This is a product I heavily recommend and will always use this.

Paige, x
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