Friday, April 10

How I contour!

Contour and highlighting is probably the biggest thing around right now, make-up wise. The thing I love most about this "in thing" is that everybody's trying it but with so many different products, hence why I thought I would show you my tips and tricks of how I do it. 

I use a variety of different products, sometimes all together or just one on its own and it creates a new and different look each time. With contouring you can have a dewy, glowy finish or a matte one and personally I prefer glowy as I have super dry skin. No matter what look I do go for the brushes never change, I find that the Expert Face brush by Real Techniques works with every product, whether it be cream or powder. The flat sides of the brush works really well to sculpt the cheek bones and then to buff everything in. Usually I use the MAC 249 to 'draw' the lines using cream products, just to get some precision and then I use either the Real Techniques brush or a beauty blender to work everything into the skin. 

Products wise, I really cant find a better matte bronzing powder than the MUA one. For only £1 you get a hell of a lot of product and its really pigmented. The colour is just right too, not being overly orangey or muddy looking but suiting my skin tone perfectly. These little bronzers last me so long and take ages to hit pan! In my Urban Decay Naked Flushed palette the bronzer is exactly the same as this, so your essentially saving yourself £20 if you were to purchase the MUA one. 

If I want a dewy finish to my skin I will use the Bourjois Bronzing Primer- which is to be used under foundation however I feel like this really isn't what the product should be designed for but is better suited as a cream bronzer/ contouring cream. Like I said I use the MAC brush to draw on my cheek bones, around my temples, forehead and sometimes down the sides of my nose to give that instant nose job effect! I buff it in and then will apply a tiny amount of the MUA powder just to set it all in place. 

The Beauty Blender is a new purchase of mine, I initially bought two, one for the concealer and one for the bronzing. I got mine from eBay and Home Bargains for only £1 each and they do they're job perfectly.. talk about budget beauty! I like how they have the pointed side for the concealer, in which I use the KIKO concealer wheel as its just the perfect shade and the flat side for all over the flat bits of the face. 

As for highlighting keep your eyes peeled because that's on my blog Monday!

Paige, x

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