Tuesday, September 15

Cheap Treat Tuesday // Gosh #Foundation Drops

This has been advertised before every YouTube video I've watched recently so it got me really intrigued and interested to find out more! When I read more about this foundation it sounded so cool and reminded me of the latest MAC foundation that has just been released. 

The packaging:

I absolutely love the packaging of this, I love how its black and very sleek looking - in comparison to other drug store foundations. I also think the pipette dispenser is such a cool and interesting idea and is like nothing I have ever used before, never mind being totally new to the drugstore market. With this being quite a watery and buildable foundation I find that the pipette is a clever way of using it rather than it being in a pump or just a pour out bottle. I either put it straight onto my face and then blend or put it on a flat top buffing brush like the one above. 

Another thing I like about the packaging is that it gets straight to the point, it lets you know what it is and what it does straight away without you having to read all the small print on the back or read up on it online. The use of hash tags is also very 'trendy' right now so I quite liked that touch. 

The foundation:

Firstly this foundation claims that its hydrating and soothing with buildable coverage creating a natural finish and lightweight feeling and I can agree with this completely. I really think this is such a gorgeous foundation and if your new to make up or don't like to wear a lot of heavy, thick foundation this one is for you! Its also very dewy and glowy so if you want something to brighten your complexion and not cling to any dry patches this is great! This foundation gives such a nice feel to the skin, almost silk like. This also has SPF 10 in it which isn't really a lot but its better than nothing and you can always use a higher SPF moisturiser before hand. 

As for the shade range I find that a lot of medium to dark skinned girls will find this hard to colour match as there is only five shades and as mine is in the shade 006 Tawny, that being the third shade the colours don't really get too dark from this.

The price:

This is still on introductory offer for £9.99 in Superdrug with its full price being £12.99. As this is slightly more expensive than brands like Rimmel, Revlon and Bourjois I do think this foundation is worth it. However if you are thinking about picking this up then I would definitely go and get it while its on offer just to save yourself some pennies! 

Here is what it looks like on!

Is this something you would like to try?

Paige, x

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