Sunday, January 31

Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani eyeshadow palette

Okay so I know I'm a little bit late to this bandwagon but as soon as I had seen and swatched this palette I knew I had to have it. I ordered this from Feel Unique as its free delivery over £10 but the palette was £40.

Firstly the packaging is absolutely gorgeous, its so different but totally Gwen. I did think the packaging would be bold but I didn't think it would still be girly. The palette is sturdy and has a nice weight to it. I especially love the huge mirror with the quote 'Magic's in the makeup'.

As for the shades there are 15 ranging from neutrals to bright funky colours in both matte and shimmer formulas. I love how this palette is perfect for every day but also night time wear too; I really do think this has something for everyone. I wouldn't normally wear bright colours so I like that this only contains two so I can get out of my comfort zone and try something new but still feel like I've spent my money wisely on something I can wear daily. 

Top row: 

Blonde -  A shimmery white, perfect for the inner corner or brow bone. Ideally best used with MAC Fix + as its a bit chunky.

Bathwater - A yellow toned shimmer.

Shrimp - A matte cream shade, perfect to set a primer or for the brow bone. 

Steady -  Another shimmer but this is more copper/ rose gold.

Punk -  A matte rich chocolate brown. This looks stunning blending into the outer v portion of the eye.

Middle row:

Baby -  Very similar to MUG's cinderella. A beautiful shimmery rose gold/ pink shade.

Anaheim -  A cool, matte chocolate brown.

Stark -  Another matte shade, this being more on the peachy/ pink side. Perfect as a transition shade or to set a primer.

Zone -  A warmer, darker matte brown.

Serious -  A matte black with hint of grey.

Bottom row:

Pop -  Another chunky colour that would be best used with the Fix +. This is more pink and gold toned, perfect for inner corner highlight.

Harajuku -  A stunning pink shimmer- this looks amazing on the lid with the chocolate brown shades to blend it out. It also goes on the eyes less pigmented then when swatched which is great so you can build it up.

Danger -  A royal shimmery blue.

1987 - A true yellow toned gold, this looks amazing on the eyes and comes out more gold than yellow.

Blackout -  A true matte black.

Overall I think this palette is stunning- you have everything you need for whatever look your going for and you could even fill your brows in using these highly pigmented shades. 

I also tried the lipstick ex girlfriend and can say I would 100% recommend that gorgeous shiny nude lip colour. 

Paige, x

Friday, January 29

All time favourite foundations!

I thought I would share with you all my all time favourite foundations! I love high end makeup but seem to love the drugstore even more! 


Sunday, January 17


After receiving this stunning Too Faced Soul Mates Bronzer & Blusher twice I decided to give this spare one away to one of my lovely Instagram followers! I did a review on the one I've been using here if you want to take a look! 


- Open Internationally
- Can enter as many times as you want!!
- Follow me on Instagram, repost and use the # #thefashionwayxgiveaway 

Thats it! I just thought I would do a blog post mentioning it incase you don't follow me over on there. 

@thefashionwayx handle on social media.

Paige, x

Friday, January 15

Makeup Geek Eyeshadows & Swatches!

Seeing as Makeup Geek is new to the UK I thought I would show you all the shades that I own and swatches! I absolutely love these shadows and rate them so much more than MAC! 

Paige, x

Sunday, January 10

Beauty Wishlist for 2016

Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani Eyeshadow Palette: I didn't really want this at first but after seeing swatch after swatch I now NEED this! Especially after seeing Rosi's tutorial here.

ABH Illuminators: I currently own Riviera and its absolutely beautiful. From the packaging to the pigmentation this 100% lived up to my expectations and I can't wait to try more of the range. If you own one of these when the product is on your brush spray some MAC Fix + and it makes it even more illuminating!

Make up Geek eyeshadows: My next video to go up will be my MUG collection along with swatches etc and I really want to get some more. I currently have my eye on these two shades; Whimsical and Starry Eyed. 

Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani Blush Palette: Im so into face products right now so this is just up my street. Ive also never tried any blushers from Urban Decay before so I might aswell start with this beauty! 

Whats on your wishlist this year?

Paige, x


Saturday, January 9

What I got for Christmas 2015 | MAC, NARS & Charlotte Tilbury!

Here is what I got for Christmas 2015. I appreciate everything I received but I just thought I would share with you all as I know these are one of my favourite videos!

Paige, x

Monday, January 4

ColourPop Liquid Lipsticks

ColourPop is a brand that all us UK girls want to try so badly so I bit the bullet and paid the eBay prices!

 Liquid lipsticks are something we don't really have in England and I wanted to try them desperately! I picked up 3 liquid lipsticks and then a Lippie stix which I couldn't recommend enough!

First of all the packaging is just incredible. You really wouldn't think this is a drugstore product. From everything from the holographic text, clear type and silver lid its just stunning. The forumala I can't really complain about seeing as they are cheap (or for everyone in America!) but it did flake off throughout the day. Although as soon as I noticed I just applied more and it was fine. It is very matte but I don't feel like it shows imperfections that much. I have the worst most dry and cracked lips yet you couldn't tell when wearing these!

(Midi, Beeper, Trap) - With the flash off Beeper is in its true shade, all others are true to colour when the flash is on.

Beeper: This is such a deep chocolate brown shade, which I really didn't expect! It reminds me of what True Brown K from the Kylie Lip Kit would look like! I need to play around with really smokey eyes to see if this will work for me!

Midi: This is a light pinky beige with again a matte finish. Its also such a wearable every day shade.

Trap: This is more of a grey nude/ taupe colour. Its very unique but I really like how different it is. This also has a bit of purple within it too!

Cookie: This is a lippie six and they are one of my all time favourite lip products. I already have the shade Lumiere which I did a review on here. I seen KathleenLights talk about this shade and I couldn't wait to try it. Like I said in the review of the Lumiere shade is that I wanted to try a nude shade, so here it is!

This has a matte finish but is the most creamiest matte I've ever tried. There is no wonder why these are so popular and I really recommend everyone to try them. As for the colour this is such a gorgeous nude shade yet still suits my skin tone. It has a bit of a brown undertone too which is SO in right now. (Unfortunately I can't seem to find it now I need to take photos!)

I love ColourPop I just wish it was more accessible in the UK!

Paige, x

Sunday, January 3

NEW IN: Charlotte Tilbury

With my Christmas money I decided to purchase some really luxurious makeup and something which I wouldn't usually buy if it was my own money. I chose the brand Charlotte Tilbury as thats the most high end brand I could think of that I actually wanted to try.

When it arrived it was so beautifully packaged and I couldn't be any more excited, however I was unfortunately disappointed.


The packing of Charlotte Tilbury products has to be one of my favourites, its not black or sleek looking like I usually like yet it still screams luxury. I love the burgundy/ purple touches and her logo but my favourite has to be the lipsticks. Who possibly couldn't like the packaging? However I wish they were a little more heavy to really feel luxurious. 


Obviously this has a higher price point than say MAC and your talking £23 for the lipstick and £30 for the blusher. I personally feel like this is very steep and considering the quality, it really isn't great. Considering the price I expected everything would be perfect and worth the price tag however I much rather prefer drug store products in comparison. 


Lipstick - For lipstick I went with the shade Penelope Pink which I imagine would be some sort of pink whether that be a nude toned pink or brown toned but its neither. When I applied this I actually checked the bottom of the lipstick thinking they'd sent the shade Nude Kate. This is incredibly nude and a nude that doesn't really suit me. Its definitely more on the beige side instead of pink. 
On the Charlotte Tilbury website both the swatches and YouTube video show it as a completely different colour which quite frankly annoys me. The finish of this lipstick is pretty much matte which I also wasn't expecting, its quite dry too and appears quite flat looking. For everything Charlotte states this lipstick to be its in fact the opposite. 

Blusher (Cheek to Chic) - I've been really getting into face products recently and after loving MAC's Melba and Warm Soul I imagined this would be perfect for me. This is in the shade First Love but I don't think it matters because it doesn't show up at all. No matter how manny times I tried to apply this no product shows up. This was not what I was expecting from a £30 blusher!

Overall I'm so disappointed and can now say I won't be a Charlotte Tilbury customer again. 

Paige, x
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