Monday, December 19

Edens Semilla Vitamin E Oil Review

If you know me well you know how dry and dehydrated my skin is. I try to keep my skincare routine quite thorough with non drying products and as much moisture as possible however I still feel like there is something missing. 

I have previously mentioned a facial oil before and how to use it which you can read here but that was mainly for makeup purposes. 

When the opportunity came up for me to work with Eden's Semilla and to try out one of their oils I was really looking forward to it! 

First things first, the packaging. I really love how vibrant and yellow the box is, its fun yet still simple and sleek looking. I like that you can clearly see what this product is, where it can be used, the ingredients and the directions on how to use it. Something else I really like about the packaging is how it opens. Instead of lifting the flap at the top or bottom and letting the bottle drop out, it actually opens at the side. Its a really small detail but it just feels that little bit more sophisticated and luxurious. Plus it means your less likely to drop the bottle!

The last thing I want to mention about the packaging is about the bottle itself. The bottle is glass which I don't mind however the one downfall about this entire product is the fact it doesn't have a dispenser. You literally tip the whole product out - so you can imagine I got it all over. If it just had a little hole in the top I think it would be much easier to use. 

Now onto the good stuff, the oil. I tend to use this at night just before I go to bed because I like to slather a load on and let it really sink in. Im yet to try this on my hair but I have tried it on my nails and face. As for my nails I noticed that they gotten a little bit stronger and as I've been using this for quite a while I haven't broke or snapped a single nail. I'm not too sure if its meant to help them grow as my nails grow pretty quickly anyway. 

As for my skin, I honestly can't rave about this product enough. Literally the first time I used it when I woke up in the morning my skin looked and felt amazing. I looked glowing and really healthy instead of dry like usual. The more I seemed to use it the better my skin got, in fact its now so hydrated I can actually wear matte foundations which is something amazing for me! 

If you have dry or dehydrated skin then I would 100% head over to amazon to purchase it now. If you do like the sound of this then you can purchase it here

Overall Im honestly obsessed with this. I take it everywhere with me and even apply it on my lips before liquid lipstick! 

Have you ever tried an oil?

Paige, x


Tuesday, December 6

Stocking Filler Ideas #2

Seeing as my first Stocking Filler Idea post (read here) went down so well I thought I would do a second edition. Again the products are all drugstore but these are even cheaper than the last! 

I thought I would go through my collection again and pick out some products that any girl will love!

Freedom Pro Single Shadows

At only £2 these are a complete bargain, plus they're so unbelievably pigmented! Theres so much choice too in terms of both colours and finishes, so there is something for every taste. You can even buy highlighters, blushers and contour shades and put them all in a palette with a really handy mirror.

Barry M Dazzle Dust

This is probably the most perfect time to buy a dazzle dust, I mean whats better than sparkles and glitter at Christmas time? These come in so many different colours too wether your into bright shades or neutrals. This is such a perfect little stocking filler idea! 

Maybelline Colour Tattoo

These colour tattoos are perfect for any makeup lover, they come in plenty of shades and formulas so again are perfect for everyone. Most of the shades are really dark christmassy shades so what better time than to give them to someone this time of year?! These can also double up as an eye primer too!

Maybelline Master Contour Stick

Everyone knows how much contours been in, especially this year and one of my favourite forms of contouring is definitely cream! This stick which can be used for both contouring and highlighting makes the perfect gift, getting them to try something new!

Makeup Obsession Single Shadows

Just like the Freedom shadows these again are single shadows. They have the same concept and you can also purchase highlighters, blushers, contour shades and even strobe balms to all fit into a nice little palette. The only difference is these come in individual cases, meaning they'd perhaps be a little nicer to open and you can buy a ROSE GOLD palette! 

Primark Ps Pro Lip Scrub

With liquid lipsticks being a massive trend recently this is something that all girls need and you can't go wrong with. Girls love lip balm and this is just taking it to that extra level so they can look after their lips some more.

L-R: Contour shade, Highlight shade, Makeup Obsession, Makeup Obsession, Freedom, Freedom, Maybelline Colour Tattoo, Barry M Dazzle Dust

Are you getting a stocking this year? What would you love to see in it?

Paige, x


Monday, December 5

MUA Skin Define Hydro Primer

Anything hydrating and I'm there, it doesn't matter if its a foundation, concealer or primer. I'll do anything I can to keep my skin hydrated and nourished so when I seen this I just had to pick it up and try it out. 

When your base is down then your whole makeup just looks incredible so its really important to me to try as many different primers as I can so I can find whats right for me. 

I'd spotted this and it really intrigued me, the formulation alone is just fascinating and I've tried nothing similar. I picked this up for £5 in Superdrug and although £5 for a MUA product is a little expensive I thought that the benefits it would have just outweigh the price. 

The consistency, which you can see clearly below is a weird watery, jelly like texture. Its bouncy to the touch however when you scoop some out its just like a watery formula which blends really nice onto the skin. It also sinks in pretty quickly and whilst you can instantly tell its hydrated your skin it also feels tacky which is great and obviously what you want in a primer.

When I first tried this on the back of my hand I noticed a difference straight away, the fine lines had almost disappeared and the whole appearance of my hand looked really healthy and hydrated. However when I did come to use this on my face it was turning my foundation into a slippery mess. I looked incredibly greasy and oily and it just wasn't working. 

I have now tried it with a few different foundations, those that are matte it works best with. If you suffer from dry patches being visibly noticeable then definitely check this out as it will really help with that problem! 

Overall I do really like this but only with the correct foundation- which most of the time is matte. Although that sounds like I can only use this some of the time, its actually a really great find as now I can wear any formula of foundation! 

Thanks for reading!

Paige, x


Sunday, December 4

Highlighter Haul

Recently the only products my eyes have been gravitating towards are highlighters! I thought I would round up my most recent purchases and show you all!

Makeup Obsession Highlighter

Anything that comes from the Makeup Revolution line I'm down to try so when I went to a student shopping night I managed to pick up a highlighter and a few shadows from the range. This is in the shade Pearl and is a gorgeous frosty white with golden yellow undertones.

Make Up Gallery (Poundland) Good To Glow Highlighting Powder

I picked this up quite a while ago after seeing all of the 'Testing Poundland' makeup videos and thought this looked super pretty. I really enjoy pink toned highlighters and this is so stunning. As this is quite pink it works best as a blush and highlight all in one so I tend to use this on days where I just want minimal but really pretty makeup. 

Laura Geller Baked Gelato Illuminator 

I picked this up in the shade Peach Glow- again loving that pink toned highlighter! I really like this however for the price I thought you'd get more product and the packaging would be a little more sturdier! I would however love to try the two other shades in this!

L'oreal Limited Edition Highlighter 

When I seen this, swatched it and then seen that it was limited edition I just couldn't leave it. I've never seen any highlighter like this from the drugstore. It has the same idea as Colour Pop's highlighters were there a bouncy, sponge like consistency and a cream in texture. I thought why not give this a go and I haven't been able to put it down since!

Top-Bottom: L'oreal, Makeup Obsession, Laura Geller, Makeup Gallery

What are your favourite highlighters? 

Paige, x

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