Monday, August 1

E-Poch Mud Mask Review

This is such a long and overdue blog post but here, finally is my review of the E-poch Glacial Marine Mud mask.

E-poch is a range which comes under the Nuskin brand; a brand that I had roughly heard of but never tried anything from. I was kindly sent this from Natalie, a Nuskin distributor along with some other products. If you want anything from the brand follow her on Instagram here. She's so lovely so if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!

I was really intrigued when I opened my parcel to find this as the packaging doesn't give a lot away. I went away and looked up what this product was meant to do and what benefits it could give my skin. I knew it was a mud mask but I didn't know you could apply it all over the face and body! 

This claims that it softens, smooths and tones the skin which I can 100% agree with. As soon as I wash this off my skin feels like a new born babies, its actually quite amazing! Along with my skin being irresistibly soft its also increasingly smooth too. I feel like this removes dirt and tightens my skin, especially areas where I have large pores or problem areas. In terms of toning my skin theres not really a way to test this but even if it didn't I'd still love this product.

For me I need my blackheads to be gone and theres only so much squeezing and pore strips I can use. Therefore this is the main reason I use this mask. When the mask dries down you can literally see the clay drawing out the dirt and impurities from my skin. Seeing as this is the masks main task I would recommend only using it on problem areas as it could potentially dry out your perfectly fine skin. 

Another great thing about this mask is that its suitable for all skin types. If your oily then this is a great mask for you as the clay actually absorbs excess oil which is amazing!

This tube actually contains 200ml which definitely gives you a lot for your money and I can't recommend this enough. Even my boyfriend loves it who's covered in car grease and muck! He says this makes his skin clearer and revitalised. Finally, if you do decide to purchase this product try applying it with a brush, its so much more relaxing and gives a spa like experience which I'm sure we all need!

Paige, x
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