Tuesday, April 28

Cheap treat Tuesday

For this post I really just needed an excuse to show you all a MUA haul and I'm sorry this is yet another lipstick related post but I really cant resist lip products at the minute! I thought I could make this my CTT post as all this cost me only £7 with 3 for 2.

As I'm getting more into lipsticks recently I needed some lip liners but didn't know what colours/ formulations to go for. I've tried a Collection one and a Loreal one but I think I actually prefer these MUA ones. I was expecting for £1 they would be harsh to apply but I was so wrong, they are so creamy! They're honestly a dream to apply. I thought I would get a brown, pink and more red one to suit all lips and occasions. 

Next up is lipsticks! These are my favourite lipsticks ever, they are so creamy and not drying at all- perfect for my cracked and dry lips. I picked up my all time favourite which is number 11 and its a perfect dupe for Velvet Teddy! Juicy is the second colour I picked up, I wanted to try a more orange lipstick and this is exactly what I was looking for. Again this is another dupe and this time its for Mac's Flamingo which I also recently got. I couldn't believe it when I swatched it. Lastly is Tulip, a gorgeous pink shade, something I have nothing like. I'm really excited to wear these and see how I get on with them.

Quick tip- did you know if you unscrew the bottom of the lipsticks there's actually more product! I get to this by using a lip brush. 

As I dont wear red often I thought I would pick up a new Velvet Luxe lipstick in the shade Tranquility, a gorgeous orange based nude. Nudes are extremely in at the moment so this should be perfect! 

Paige, x

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