Monday, February 23

John Frieda ● Frizz Ease perfect finish

Ever have those fly aways? Baby hair? Does your hair look like a poodle with the tiniest bit of humidity? This is the product for you!

My mam picked this up a few months ago and when I tried it out I literally fell in love with it! Nothing I have ever used before has done a job as good as this. My baby hairs are completely untamable.. unless I use this product. So I just had to go purchase one for myself!

It is a little on the pricey side- or so I think but its honestly so worth it and a little really does go a long way. At boots its £6.29 although I'm sure I paid about £8 for it. If you get it at boots though you can collect points, which I always think you may as well so then when you've got a reasonable amount you can purchase something you really want or want to try out!

This is designed to be used on dry hair and advised only 1 pump should do although I do half that in fear of my hair looking a bit greasy! Its totally up to you though and you can use it all over your hair not only at the roots. 

Paige x

Sunday, February 22

Body shop lipstick haul!

A few weeks ago I went to York designer outlet and stumbled into the Body Shop, which usually I never really go in. I wasn't interested in any of the 'body' products but thought I'd give their makeup a look seen as though many of my friends love the blushes and brushes! 

They were having a sale on some of the lipsticks so I thought I would test a few and see how I got on with them. First of all I knew I wanted an orange lipstick but seen as though I've never tried orange I didn't want to pay MAC prices for something I would of ended up hating. All the lipsticks were £4 so I tested a few and came across this gorgeous orange one, its incredibly pigmented and creamy and its not too bold or too subtle, just the perfect orange! 

Another lipstick I was looking for was a purple, I used to own the most gorgeous purple one from MUA and every time I go to repurchase it sadly its never there. When I seen this its super bold but buildable so I would be able to create a sheer purple lip or go all out and do a super dark lip! I was really excited about this one even though I've yet to wear it.

My favourite is the mauve pink colour! When I swatched this in the shop it was so creamy and that's why I loved it, however I got home and when I opened it was really hard and was quite stiff. I didn't give up and swatched it hard on my hand, after that it seemed to be creamy and now its one of my favourite lipsticks! It changes colour slightly every time I apply it but its always such a gorgeous, girly pink! I'm going to do a favourite nude lipstick post soon so this might crop up in that!

I'm definitely never going to avoid the Body Shop again!

Paige xo

Thursday, February 19

Soap and glory perfect ten palette!

As you can probably guess I'm obsessed with makeup so finding new products that I love is something I really enjoy doing. 

I'm really getting more into eye makeup recently and when I came across this palette near Christmas I couldn't resist! There's 10 shades, some matte and some shimmer and it really does have something for everyone. You can create so many looks with this including brown and black smokey eyes, something delicate for a day look or something really dark for a night time look.

The pigmentation is incredible and the swatches below are just one 'swipe' of the product so you can see how vibrant they are. Obviously with the paler shades you would have to build it up but honestly a lot goes a long way. The palette itself comes in this gorgeous packaging, I especially love the fact how thin and light it is, compared to the naked palettes this is ideal if you were going anywhere. 

If I do hit pan on this I hope its back this Christmas!

What are your favourite palettes?

Paige xo

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