Monday, August 3

MAC Eye shadow collection

Eyes and lips are my favourite thing to accentuate and play with in terms of make up! Over the past year I've been getting into more high end products so I thought I would share with you all my small MAC eye shadow collection.

When I made my first MAC eye shadow purchase I bought four and then the quad for them to go in. Shortly after I realised I had quite a long wishlist of MAC shadows that I was at some point going to purchase so I needed a bigger palette for them to live in! After seeing how expensive the 15 pan MAC ones were I opted for this cheapy from eBay which I've done a post all about!

I currently have 8 shadows which are all sort of similar but slightly different. I only tend to wear more neutral shades or soft shimmery pinks so where as my collection might look a bit colourless I didn't want to spend the money on something I would never use.

Top: Brule, Naked Lunch, All That Glitters, Jest.

Bottom: Wedge, Mulch, Satin Taupe, Saddle.

Brule is a matte very plain, light shade. I love this for all over the lid and sometimes underneath my brow bone. This looks great over the Paint Pot Painterly. 

Naked Lunch is a cult favourite in every bodies collection I'm sure however its not as pigmented as other shadows and I tend not to use it that often. As you can see in comparison to Jest it barely shows. This is a frost finish and I actually tend to use this more as a subtle highlight on my brow bone/ inner eye corner. 

All That Glitters is such a gorgeous shadow that's a firm favourite out of them all! It has a Veluxe Pearl finish as is more on the light coppery side rather than pink or champagne. If you're thinking about getting this, DO IT! It's worth every penny.

Jest is another shade that is a frost finish and is to my knowledge actually discontinued. I got this is an outlet otherwise I don't think I would or purchased it as it's pretty similar to Naked Lunch however I'm so in love with this. I don't think I've ever came across such a pigmented shadow ever. This looks good on its own, to highlight or all over the lid. If you have the Soap and Glory Palette its very similar to a shade in their!

Wedge is the shade I purchased to pair with Brule as their both matte. It's a soft brown that can be built up so its extremely versatile for day to night wear. I think this is a perfect shade for anyone to have in their collection, especially beginners. 

Mulch has a velvet finish and is more of a deeper brown than Wedge; it's also very pigmented so great more a smoky eye!

Satin Taupe- another favourite in everybody's collection and especially mine. This is such a unique shade and in my recent Urban Decay Cream Shadow post its pretty similar to that! It's a silvery brown that just gives a little wow to the eyes. This is perfect for night time wear and looks stunning especially with that silver and purple shades within. This has a frost finish.

Saddle is the final shade I own and is a matte. This shade is so heavily pigmented and creamy and is exactly the same shade as Bobbi Browns's Camel shadow. I find this the perfect transition colour or perfect for all over the lid for a little something different. 

Paige, x
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