Monday, August 10

Another MAC lipstick

MAC lipsticks are my favourite lipsticks and are something in which I constantly have an ongoing wishlist of the ones I'm wanting. This is my 8th MAC lipstick and it was sort of a quick purchase. I was looking at which shades I though Sarah would like (blog here) as it was going to be a birthday present. When I came across this I really loved it and thought she would too so I sneakily popped two in my basket! This is the shade Mehr.

It's a matte shade which I'm not overly fond on but I do think the more recent ones I've purchased have been lots more creamier. The colour is so hard to describe, its in between a mauve pink and a berry colour. It's very similar to Twig but just has more pink and is a little more vibrant. 

What I love about this is that its great for daytime wear or night time which is great because its better value for money! I would definitely recommend if you like the whole Kylie Jenner lip colour but a touch more pink! 

Paige, x

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