Monday, August 17

Urban Decay Lipsticks

Urban Decay, for me is a brand that I love but I don't have many of their products. Actually thinking about it I've only tried the Naked 2 palette and their setting sprays! I'm not sure why I actually bought  these but I'm honestly so glad I did, they're amazing!

I firstly picked up the Sheer lipstick in the shade Liar which is a super glossy pinky nude colour. It's not sticky and just glides on the lips so smoothly. This doesn't stick to all the cracks in your lips either which I was sort of expecting it to do. This is such a me colour as its perfect for every day wear. It looks great on its own or paired with a lip liner. 

Seen as though I loved it so much I wanted to get another lipstick from Urban Decay, this time I opted for the regular Revolution Lipstick and I got the shade Naked. I didn't know what to expect with the formulation for this, whether it would be matte or more of a satin finish. Its quite similar to the Sheer lipstick but is just a little more pigmented. This colour is extremely similar to Faux from MAC and has that element of a bubblegum pink colour in it. This is still super glossy which I really like however this sadly does stick to the cracks on your lips but not too much so its not too noticeable.  

Lastly lets talk about the packaging and I absolutely love the packaging for these lipsticks! I like the shade of the actual lipstick and how its like the YSL ones. The only thing is I keep putting the lid on and accidental indenting the lipstick! I love how the different lipsticks come in different coloured packing- sheer being purple and the original revolution being gun mental grey. This makes it easy to tell them apart, especially if you had a wide collection of them. 

Have you ever tried Urban Decay lipsticks?

Paige, x

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