Sunday, August 9

All about that gold highlight

While reorganising my make up collection I came across a few products that I forgot how much I used to love and wanted to use them a bit more or incorporate them into my every day routine. 

The Benefit beams and tints are products I have yet never use and I don't know why because I really love them! I think its just when you find something that you prefer you never seem to go back to what you originally used to love! I've been loving the weather recently and as I've been wearing self tan I wanted to bronze up my skin a little more while at the same time being dewy and having a highlight all in one. This product does this job perfectly! I've been doing my whole make up routine except for highlight and then 'drawing' this on the usual points I would highlight. I use quite a dense brush just to blur that into the skin so there's no harsh lines.

Over the top of Sun Beam I've been loving MAC's Soft and Gentle highlighter! I've been constantly using Mary Lou from The Balm so this hasn't been used much. But as Sun Beam is gold I had to apply a gold highlighter over the top. I like this one as it has just the right amount of glitter and it really does look good paired with the liquid highlighter. 

I feel like a golden goddess when sporting these two together and couldn't wait to tell you all about it! 

Paige, x

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