Tuesday, August 18

Cheap Treat Tuesday - Essence Jumbo Pencil

Essence are known for their cheap but good quality make up and all their dupes that they provide! I already own a blusher/bronzer, lip liner and a eyebrow fibre gel which you can check out that post here - but I wanted to try something else. I opted for a product I normally wouldn't go for, an eye brightener pencil, which is generally used to make the eyes appear bigger and more awake. I intended to use this for a different purpose as with my eye shape my eyes actually look better the smaller they are.. if that makes sense! 

So this is the Big Bright eyes jumbo pencil, this is a highlighter to place in the inner corners of the eyes or even along the water line to make them appear larger and like I said more awake! The way I actually use it is just under my brow bone to finish off my brows and make them look more put together and neater. I find that this opens up the area more and makes my eyebrows stand out a lot more, especially if I'm wearing heavy eye make up, its as if it lifts them up. I prefer using this highlighter which is matte and more subtle than a regular glittery face highlighter. This also comes in 3 different shades to suit everyone's preference! 

What I love about this product is the texture of it, its the creamiest thing I think I've ever felt and it glides on so easily to the skin. It blends out like a dream with a brush or even your fingers and doesn't sink into any dry patches either. It gives an instant brightness to the area whilst also appearing that you have nothing on at all which I really love. If you like the whole matte look then this will be a godsend to finish off your face, I like this way better than concealer and at £2 for one of these then it's perfect. You can also use this for highlighting anywhere else too, not just your eyes. This is great for down the centre of your nose and your cupids bow as its just the right shape!

Did I mention this is also a dupe for Benefits High Brow and Benefits Eye Bright? Not forgetting its also a dupe for Soap & Glory's Arch De Triumph!

Paige, x

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