Tuesday, July 28

Cheap Treat Tuesday

After searching for the perfect peach eye shadow for what seams to be forever I have finally found the one! I came across this on some random website I stumbled on on about the 10th page on Google. After searching and searching and looking at all different swatches I decided that this was definitely what I'd been looking for. I managed to pick this up for only £2 which was such a bargain. 

I know this is from Benefit but I'm not sure if this was from a discontinued line or what not but you will still be able to find this somewhere on the internet- it just takes patience! 

This is a matte eye shadow but it feels like a satin and its super creamy! The reason I lustred after a peach eye shadow was because the likes of Jaclyn Hill and MannyMua who use colours like this all the time, especially to start the look off or in their crease. What I like about this is that it's in the middle of being sheer but also pigmented, which I do really like as I wouldn't want to go in too heavy handed. I like how this colour isn't more of a salmon colour or more pink toned- it's a true peach I find. 

I'd never tried an eye shadow from Benefit but now I have I definitely think I'll try some more! 

Paige, x

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