Tuesday, August 11

Cheap Treat Tuesday - Tangle Attack

After all the hype about the Tangle Teezer I really wanted it yet I couldn't justify spending £7.50 on what was essentially a brush for a horse. However while browsing though my local Poundland I spotted this, a dupe!! For £1!! 

I'm honestly so excited about this- I feel like I can finally get on the bandwagon even though mine is more of a fake. I rarely brush my hair (I know, how bad of me!) but now I'm happy that I can easily get rid of all my cotters just like that. What I love about this is it has the original ones shape, so its easy to grasp and makes gliding this through your hair so simple. Overall I like the idea of this brush way more than a standard one with a handle. As for the bristles there neither hard nor soft so it doesn't feel like a rake to your scalp which obviously is a bonus. 

This Tangle Attack also comes in a case which I really like, its also very handy incase you've got left over hair in it or if its still wet. Talking about using this with wet hair I've also used it with dry and think it does an exceptional job. As soon as I'm out of the shower and have used various hair products I then brush through with this and it makes my hair so smooth and sleek looking. My hair also appears less frizzy when its dried too. 

In comparison to the original Tangle Teezer, even though I haven't tried it, this feels a little hollow and low quality. Nonetheless it does the job and it does it well and I cant imagine it being much different to the Tangle Teezer. 

Paige, x

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