Sunday, August 16

Colour Pop Lippie Stix

Colour Pop is one of those American beauty brands that we all want to try yet can't get our hands on because its not accessible in the UK which is one of the most annoying things. I'd mainly heard about this brand and their incredible products from the likes of Jaclyn Hill and Glitteralittle. There are so many things I want to try but this is number 1 on my list.

Colour Pop's Lippie Stix are the things I've heard of the most and I had seen this shade swatched a few times so when I came across it on eBay I had to have it. This is in the shade Lumiere - a matte mauve pink colour. This colour is so me and reminds me of the likes of Twig and Mehr from MAC. With it being matte I was concerned about how drying it would be but its honestly so creamy and doesn't dry out the lips what so ever. This also has a really long wear time and doesn't transfer that much either. 

I really like the packaging of this too- to me its just so American. The holographic writing is so cute too and just makes everything look so cute and put together. I paid about £11 for this which I didn't mind at all; most of them I found where way more expensive. I really do love this product and I want to try more from their brand. Next on my list is a nude Lippie Stix and maybe an eye shadow!

Paige, x

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