Tuesday, August 25

Cocoa Butter & Walnut body scrub

I really love to pamper myself and I especially love when you can shave your legs and do your tan while wearing a face mask and also trying to paint your nails! What I like to do when doing this routine is use a body scrub before I shave my legs however I never seem to be able to find them for a decent enough price and seeing as though I like to use a lot and lather it on I don't really want to pay any more than a couple of pounds. 

I've checked in all my local pound stores and saver stores yet they never seem to have anything, even online I think their all ridiculously priced. I then came across this one and of course I picked it up in the cocoa scent, if anyone of you know me personally you will understand just how obvious this is of me. 

This is a scrub in which the walnut in it is actually the exfoliator. I think this is really interesting as its different compared to a normal sugar or salt scrub. I feel like its less harsh for the skin and seeing as though I exfoliate regularly I don't need something like a salt scrub. This scrub is so creamy and has just the right amount of micro-particles of walnut in it. The smell is absolutely divine and reminds me of The Body Shops cocoa range. With this smell it also stays on your skin too which I was really impressed with, especially as this was only £1! 

I love this so much that if I ever see any more from this range I'm 100% going to pick them all up!

Paige, x
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