Sunday, March 8

Current favourite perfume!

If there's any sort of girly floral perfume out there then I probably will of owned it as I'm such a sucker for anything feminine smelling!

When I left work I was kindly given a hamper full of all things any girl can dream of; makeup, hair products, chocolate and these two gorgeous perfumes! I've never even smelt these two fragrances before and now I just know they'll always be in my favourites.

The 212 limited edition summer fragrance is absolutely gorgeous, I mean look at the bottle! Its a summer fragrance, very fresh smelling and floral. If you like floral then you will love this! I've noticed it stays all day and I never really noticed this with any perfume.

Secondly is this amazing Dior Addict Eau Fraiche, again the bottle is stunning and its a very floral scent. This one is more fresh than the 212 and lasts all day aswell however I always get that random smell of it throughout the day, reminding me just how much I love it!

What are your favourite perfumes? 

Paige, x
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