Saturday, March 28

Where I store my makeup brushes.. HELP!

 For this post I've cleared my background and minimilised my makeup brushes for you all to see it clearly. 

This is how I store and keep my makeup brushes.. a candle holder! I'm aware that this isn't the prettiest thing and I am looking for a better alternative but I only want something that I'm sure about, as serious as that sounds! I like my friend Sarah's idea of a pretty glass jar but I can never seem to find one, you can check out her blog here where she posts about every from beauty and fashion to lifestyle and she too has an instagram for her blog!

The brushes here are from MAC and the eyelash curler, which I never use is a trusty little one from Primark. If anyone spots a nice jar or makeup brush holder then do let me know! My ideal brush holder is them lovely little white plant pots from Ikea, seen here but unfortunately they cant be delivered and I don't live anywhere near the store. 

Paige, x
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