Tuesday, March 10

Cheat treat Tuesday!

Another one in the series, this one a bit similar to the blush palette.. but an eyeshadow palette! 

120 super pigmented gorgeous matte and shimmer eyeshadows for £4.99 here

I know I've said it before but you really can't go wrong with these sorts of palettes, if your thinking they wont be good quality or pigmented then your very wrong! I find some of them are actually too pigmented, especially the purple toned colours, and sometimes I look very black eye-esque!

There's so many looks you can create and not one colour is the same as another, again this is something I would highly recommend. Even as a present for a makeup beginner I think this is perfect. You can also get different variations of this such as a whole neon/brights palette or one with more darker colours. If you search it on eBay you can find some very reasonable bargains! 

 2nd sheet of eyeshadow:

Paige, x
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