Sunday, March 1

Maybelline ● Lash sensational mascara

Mascara is a product I simply cannot live without; my eyes are my favourite thing about myself so I feel like I need to emphasise them more than anything else! Plus I look half dead without it.

My boyfriends mum kindly picked this up for me (Thank you mammy Lyn!) as I mentioned it to her and told her I had heard so much about it. 

First of all look at this gorgeous packaging, my most favourite looking mascara compared to all the bright purple ones! I was honestly so excited to try this product as I rarely purchase drugstore brand mascaras. However I am really disappointed, I mean everybody was really talking about this and bigging it up and honestly I don't think its anything out of the ordinary. 

Yes it does lengthen your lashes, as you can see from the picture below but there's just something I don't quite like about it! My favourite ever mascara is the Benefit They're real and the perfect dupe for this is the Max Factor Masterpiece transform mascara so this review is based on my favoritism for them! 

As for the brush, I really don't get a long with this either as I feel like I cant really reach my lashes well enough even though its the same shape. I like my lashes to be very thick however I feel like this mascara just simply gives length. This mascara is perfect for one of those makeup days where you cant be bothered or need to look more awake, and I'm glad I got to try it but I really don't think this is the best product on the market at the minute! 

What did you think of this mascara? 

Paige, x
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