Friday, March 20

Skincare haul and review!

As I've probably mentioned before by skin is an absolute nightmare! I suffer from really dry, eczema prone skin that never ever seems to go away. What I'd do have have oily skin ey!

I thought I'd purchase a few new skincare bits and pieces and try them out and let you know what I thought. All of the products are from No7 and the only reason these were the ones I purchased was purely because I worked in Boots.

Pore Vacuum Mask:

You know how much girls love to use nose pore strips? This is 10x more fun to use and worse 10x better too. What I love about this is it really does its purpose, it even removes the blackheads you didnt even know you had. The texture is like a thick khaki green paste that you apply and then leave the recommended time- or until its dried and is hard enough to rip off. Which is always the best part, to actually feel and then see a product work! Although I really wouldn't advise using this over your whole face but just in your T-zone. With this a little goes a long way so its totally worth the £14.00 price tag (50 ml).  

 This mask is purely made for dry to very dry skin so I was literately singing with joy when this caught my eye. This is £12.50 and you do get a very reasonable amount (100ml) although No7 do usually have these all on 3 for 2 and on Boots at the minute you can save £5 if you spend over £20. This is to be washed off after you've had it on for about 10 minutes and leaves your skin feeling so soft and hydrated, just what those dry skin girls need! I also have sensitive skin and this doesnt irritate it at all.

This is my first hot cloth cleanser I've tried and I was so excited to try this out, this was kindly given to me as a leaving present from my friend so "Thank you Michelle!!". This cleanser is for all skin types, is £9.95 for 200ml and comes with the cloth. This makes my skin feel so bright and just so pure, I feel like I couldn't go the day without wearing makeup if I use this, that's how good it is! As this opens the pores and clears everything away it really makes me feel like I'm at the spa! 

I really recommend these 3 products and if you have skin like me then they'll most likely work great on you too. 

Paige, x 

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