Saturday, March 21

How I store my lipsticks

I'm so into makeup storage and organisation (as you can see my Muji draws in every post!) and my lipsticks were taking up too much space in my acrylic draws. I've been searching for a lipstick holder for a while but I wasn't prepared to pay the silly prices people were asking for. I then found this. 

Another eBay beauty bargain!

This little acrylic lipstick holder has 24 spaces for you to put all your lip products in, more than enough room. I don't even have close to 24 lipsticks as you can see below but this gives me the room to expand my collection. I have my eye on some MAC lipsticks and they will look extra pretty with two I already own. 

This beauty was only £2.57 from the link here - an easy way to not only see your makeup clearly but to organise it and to then decide what else you want of course! 

Paige, x
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