Tuesday, September 20

Bloggers Made Me Buy It!

I see so many blog posts, Instagram posts and tweets raving about products and it really does suck me in. Here are some of the products and brands that bloggers have influenced me to buy and my thoughts on them!

Milani– I picked up 4 items when I first ordered from Milani and I’m so glad I listened to those who raved about them because now I do too! I don’t use them all as much as I’d like just purely because I have so much makeup but I definitely need to more often, especially the baked blusher in Luminuso!

Freedom Primer Water- I’ve been testing this out for about 4 weeks now and its fair to say I’m in love! Again theres a separate review up here but all I can say now is you need to go and pick one up for yourself!

Primark Lip Liner & Liquid Lipstick- I’m not going to talk about these too much because theres a separate review up here but oh my god I love these! I’m so glad I picked these up and now I know they’re amazing I can go and get every colour and it wont break the bank!

Charlotte Tillbury lipstick- Probably one of the most popular blogger favourites! I hated this at first but the more I used it the more I fell in love. It feels so luxurious and the shade is a gorgeous light glossy nude. I 100% need to try more of her lipsticks!

UD x Gwen- Sadly this is one that’s a huge regret and I wish I’d off not seen so many people talking about this. I didn’t need and it to be honest I never ever use it. I don’t like the shades and they don’t really suit me either. Such a waste of money!

Paige, x
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