Sunday, September 4

Brand Focus | MAC Cosmetics

This idea has been floating around in my blogger notepad for a while and now I’m finally getting round to do it! I thought I would choose a brand and let you know my favourites form their range and what to spend your money on- or what not to spend your money on. I thought I would start with MAC as I feel a lot of people don’t know what to purchase and through my own experiences there are a lot of MAC products I wished I never purchased.

 Lipsticks – Obviously these have to be number one! There are so many different shades and formulas to choose from so whether you like a bright pink or a plum and whether your into glossy lips or super matte there is something for you!

Fix + - This is a product that you’ll use up in no time because there are that many uses for it. This can be used to prep the skin, as a setting spray, a general face mist to freshen up your makeup or to wet your brush when dipping in a foiled shadow or glitter.

  MSF’s – The highlighters you need in your collection! These two are my favourites; Soft & Gentle for those of you who like a beautiful golden highlight and then Lightscapade for those that like the creamier natural highlight. Both of these are gorgeous and seem to last forever too!

   Strobe Cream – If you have dry skin or just like a glowy and dewy base then this is something that will be right up your street! This makes me look so awake and makes my makeup always look so flawless!

 Blushes – Melba is one of my favourite blushes ever, its so pigmented and just a beautiful colour. Just like the lipsticks there are many different shades and formulas to choose from so again there is something for everyone. I also love the Mineralised blushes too, they’re less pigmented but nevertheless they’re still beautiful.

Contour + Highlight Powders – These aren’t really talked about a lot and I'm not sure why! I love how these come in a pan so can just be put in a Z palette meaning you don’t have to carry around 2 bulky compacts. There also is a vary of shades for both highlight/ setting powders and contour powders so you can choose one that suits your skin tone. Both of these powders are so finely milled, aren’t chalky or cakey or muddy for that matter!

Did you like this post? Which other brands would you like me to focus on?

Paige, x
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