Tuesday, September 6

Collection #FaceTheDay Palette | Review

On the go a lot? Want something handbag & travel friendly? Or simply just want to try something new without breaking the bank? This is the Collection #FaceTheDay Pro Palette which I think your all going to love and need!

For me Collection is a brand that I've never really delved into, yes I've tried the Lasting Perfection Concealer but thats all. When I had a few Boots points to spend I wanted to try something that was A, new. B, different and C, from a brand that I wanted to get to know more. 

I spotted this palette that retails at £6.99 (although it was on an introductory offer!) and thought why not give it a go! For £7 getting a highlighter, blusher, bronzer and 4 shadows is amazing I think! 

The packaging of this is absolutely fine and I wouldn't of expected any better or worse! Its sleek, black and you can see the products- what more could you want? I love that you can see in because it makes it easier to spot amongst other palettes, plus I feel like if I see the products I'm instantly inspired by what look I'm going to create. 

The packaging is also super light and slim making it really easy to take with you travelling or just to shot in your handbag if your wanting to touch up throughout the day or perhaps go from a day to night look. 

Whenever I stay at my boyfriends this is usually what comes along with me in my makeup bag. If I'm not sure what were going to be doing the next day this is perfect as I can create a really natural and toned down look or go for something abit more glamourous. Its also handy meaning I don't have to take individual face products as well as a big eyeshadow palette.

On to the actual products. 

Highlighter: This is so so stunning. Its a really natural champagne shade with a little bit of gold running throughout. This dusted lightly makes the perfect natural looking glowy base or you can wet your brush and go in for that 'wow' effect!

Bronzer: For me this is such a perfect bronzer colour; this isn't too warm nor too muddy its just like the perfect every day bronzer shade. If your dark haired and have a bit of a medium skin tone then this will work perfectly for you however if your really fair and pale I'm not too sure if this would come across a bit too umpa lumpa. 

Blusher: Again another stunning product. This is a very bright and girly pink however used with a light hand it can also be toned down. This reminds me a little bit of NARS Orgasm just less in your face. 

Top Row: The first shimmery neutral shade is more of a yellow based iridescent gold which is so pretty either all over the lid or for highlighting the brow bone. I've also used this as a highlighter too! The next shade being this shimmery mushroom brown shade is also just as lovely. This one isn't too pigmented as you can see from the swatch but I actually like that. I usually use this one all over the lid if I'm just having a 1 shade simple eye look kinda' day. 

Bottom Row: The lighter shade in this row is again a golden shimmery colour which is a bit less pigmented but in turn is also more glittery. This one I go in with a wet brush and use it in the centre of the lid if I'm creating a halo eye. It really stands out and looks so pretty! The darker shade is the darkest shade in the palette. This is a very true chocolatey brown which looks incredible in the outer v. 

All of the eyeshadows are shimmery however it makes for a very simple and pretty look. You could always use the matte bronzer as a crease or transitional shade too! 

Overall I'm super impressed by this palette and I definitely want to check out more of the Pro Palette range! 

Paige, x

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