Monday, September 19

NutriBuddy | First Impressions!

I was very kindly sent the brand new 14 day weightloss kit from NutriBuddy - a company that specialises in safe and effective weight loss products. As your all aware I'm currently trying to loose weight so this really couldn't of came at a better time! 

This kit includes:

Sculpting Whey
Hunger Fix 
Shaker Bottle + Scoop Measurer
Recipe Book
The Little Book Of Weight Loss

This is the perfect kit for a beginner as it literally includes everything you need and it only retails for £24.99. Personally I'd never looked at protein related weight loss products however I did think they would be so much more expensive- especially for a kit with this many products in.

So far I'm really excited to use this! Oh and did I mention this is 100% natural and suitable for vegetarians? I also want to quickly mention the packaging of these products- I love it! Its so Instagram worthy and pretty! From everything from the colours they've chose to the font I really like it!

Today was the start of my 14 day journey so I thought I would let you know what I thought about the products so far. First of all the size of both the Multivitamin tablets and the Hunger Fix capsules really scared me however they were super easy to take and didn't taste of anything horrible either! My favourite thing about these, especially the Hunger Fix capsules is that you have to have a full pint of water which makes me drink lots more; helping further with this weight loss journey. As I'm writing this post its been about 4 and a half hours since I've ate last and I'm still not hungry which for me is very surprising!

I've also tried the Sculpting Whey with water for my lunch and I was so surprised! You hear about the taste of things like this being horrible but this was actually incredibly tasty. I chose the chocolate flavour as I'm a self obsessed chocoholic and I feel like this fulfils my cravings. I originally put in too much water so next time I'm going to put less in so it has a stronger chocolate taste! I'm also going to try this with warm milk and make my own sort of hot chocolate and have it for my breakfast- ill let you know how that goes over on my twitter!

Overall this has exceeded my first impressions and I can't wait to update you on this process!

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Paige, x

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