Sunday, June 28

Sleek blush by 3 - Lace

Sleek is a brand that isn't stocked in my local Boots or Superdrug so its not something that I'm all to familar with. There are so many products I want to try yet don't want to purchase online, however when I went to the Metro Centre I couldn't help but find a sleek stand and buy something!

I chose a blush by 3 and as I had enough Boots points to buy this, it was technically free (or so I like to tell myself!). After swatching a few I decided on the lace palette. I don't have many orange or coral blushes in my collection so I thought that this would be perfect.

The colours are so pigmented and each blush is just so different to anything I've seen before; except the middle shade as this is pretty much identical to Orgasm from NARS! I do find these blushes a little chalky so I like to use a damp brush - usually a stippling brush - to lightly apply these to my cheeks. With the middle shade as its got that infamous rose gold shimmer this is a blush and highlight in one as wearing a highlight on top would just look too much. I think these blush palettes are so handy and inexpensive, especially as you're getting 3 great quality unique shades. The only thing that annoys me is how dirty the packaging gets, whatever those white marks are will not come off!

Paige, x

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