Tuesday, June 16

Cheap Treat Tuesday

I absolutely love eye shadow and especially single pan ones however when looking on the MAC website and seeing how extortionate the prices are for the palettes I decided to turn elsewhere to see if I could find anything cheaper. I came across this empty palette on eBay for only £1.78!

As you can see the MAC shadows fit in fine, they slide about a little but nothing major. The quality of the palette is basic but it does the job and saved me a lot of money. The 15 space palette if you bought it from MAC would be £15 and then you even need to buy the inserts to keep the shadows in. 

I think this is great, it does the job and keeps all my eye shadow pans in a neat and organised space! You could even write on the underneath of the palette what all the shades are, just a handy tip!

And don't worry if you want to know what shadows I have there will be a post all about that in the up and coming weeks. 

Paige, x
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