Tuesday, June 9

Cheap Treat Tuesday

Poundland is somewhere I never thought that I would be shopping for make up however with some new recent launches I thought I would try it out and see what I thought. As everything is £1 I didn't really mind if the products weren't much good.

I firstly picked up a BB Cream and then the foundation. The BB Cream is said to help perfect skin and then even skin tone and is for all skin types which is great for me. It comes out quite orange toned but it blends in perfectly and sort of matches your individual skin colour. It creates a glowy finish which is great for my dry and dull skin however it might not be that great if you have oily skin as it might appear to slide off. Overall I really like this BB cream and it definitely matches up to the Garnier ones I've tried!

As for the foundation I firstly thought that the colour range wasn't very varied and that I actually had to get the deepest shade. It actually is a little dark for me so I could of probably got the next shade down however for anybody with a darker skin tone than me then this foundation wont be for you. The coverage is quite impressive and its extremely bendable however throughout the day touch-ups are needed. 

Overall I'm quite impressed with these products and will definitely be repurchasing the BB cream when mine has ran out! I would seriously recommend giving this a try and at only £1 then why not! 

Paige, x

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