Sunday, June 7

Addicted to Pinterest

Pinterest is something I'm constantly always on and browsing through. It's such a great outlet for inspiration and ideas from anything to make up and fashion to food and interior design. I thought if I love it then some of you guys might too so hence the reason I'm sharing it with you today.

Pinterest is basically split into various categories, you click or follow a category and everything related will show up on your homepage. If you see anything you like or want to save for later you can 'pin' it to a board on your own 'wall'. You can have as many boards as you like and for me mine include; Home, Travel, Weight loss, Things to do, Tips & Tricks, For when I'm older and of course Fashion and Beauty. 

I cant rave about Pinterest enough, I guarantee anything you've ever wondered how to do or make then this is where you will find the answer. Its full of recipes and products that you could ever possibly desire but also has many practical things like how to save money and orangise yourself/ family and expenses. I personally find it great to plan for the future, I've basically designed my whole house on my Home board and I've also looked at ways to get more for your money in terms of when to buy products and what to buy. The ideas that I have came across are also just incredible, many are for when I potentially have children such as activities to do with them and memories to make. 

If you havent taken a look at Pinterest do so now! You can also click here for my personal Pinterest. 

Paige, x

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