Sunday, June 21

MAC Fix +

MAC Fix + is something I've wanted for such a long time and it seems to be in everyone's make up bag so of course I wanted to have it, I mean obviously! 

If you know me dewy skin is my thing, anything matte and I hate it. My skin is dry and I'm prone to eczema so this being the main reason I wanted this product. I'm also usually out for long periods of time so I needed something to ensure that my make up would be set in place all day. 

Firstly I want to start this review by saying that you get so much product for your money, I've been using it daily; before my make up application and then after and as you can see only the tiniest bit has been used. Hence why I think this is so worth it for the money! Oh and they now do Coconut and other flavours so go check them out!! 

As I said before, I use this before my foundation to help prime my skin. As well as this I spray it again when my make up routine is complete- this being the final step to make sure everything is locked in and wont budge!

There's so many other ways to use this product though- you can wet your beauty blender or even your brushes. If you see the swatches below I dry swatched and then wet swatched the same eye shadow and you can see the amazing difference! By using MAC Fix + to wet the brush it creates this gorgeous metallic foil finish effect that's so vibrant and changes the shadow completely. 

Paige, x
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