Tuesday, June 2

Cheap Treat Tuesday

Liquid lipsticks are all the rage recently and I wanted to try my hand at a few, after seeing a few youtubers talk about these I thought I would go to eBay and purchase some for myself.

These were 99p each so I wasn't too bothered if they weren't any good. Much to my surprise they are! I got five colours because I really couldn't choose.

I purchased mainly mauve/ pink/ nudes but then I thought having some purples in their too would be great for a bold statement lip. These are honestly so lovely to apply, they have a dofer applicator that dispenses just the right about of product. They take a few seconds to apply and then dry completely matte. The colour pay off is incredible and they are so pigmented. 

I recently went out for a meal and a few drinks and the colour didn't budge, I didn't even have to re-apply. Although they dry matte they aren't really drying on the lips, they're quite smooth. 

I really love these and will definitely be purchasing some more in the future!

Paige, x

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